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Chunmao Yu! You shouldn’t forget your root!


​Recently, there seems to be a lot of discussions about whether Maochun Yu, a native of Shouxian County, Anhui Province, is a traitor on the Internet. As a native of Shouxian County as well, also a netizen, I have a few words to say.

Greatly Upgraded —— Two New Products of the JETOUR Brand Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show


The Beijing Auto Show, the world's only top auto show in 2020, has come to an end. The brand-new X70 PLUS and NEW X90 launched by the JETOUR brand have drawn extensive attention from major media at the show.



Now everyone knows that President Trump who is now caught in taxes issue, announced in a tweet early Friday morning that he and his wife Melania have both tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Construction of 19 production facilities with combined investment of 15.83 billion yuan kicks off in China's Changzhou National Hi-Tech District


On September 26, China's Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) held the ground-breaking ceremony for this year's third batch of key projects and the commencement ceremony for the Xinchuang project. Construction of 19 new production facilities with a combined investment of 15.83 billion yuan, including 8 municipal-level projects and 11 regional-level projects, started on the same day.

New Jetour New Journey


The Beijing International Auto Show officially kicked off on September 26, 2020. At the press conference, Chery Holding Group's Jetour brand announced the official global launch of the brand-new X70 PLUS.

FT Markets marches successfully into Vietnam!


Founded in London in 2005, FT Markets is one of the world's leading foreign exchange brands. FT Markets specializes in the trading of more than 60 kinds of financial products, including foreign exchange, gold and silver, stock index, etc.

Application of CYCJET Inkjet Printer in Pipe Industry


New types of pipes are developing rapidly in our country, which is widely used in energy, construction, transportation, and petrochemical industries. They also bring greater opportunities to the inkjet printer industry. Due to the continuous development of the pipe industry, the implementation of standardized management of products has also become a matter of concern for manufacturers.

Intl Alcohol Industry Helps Guizhou Shake off Poverty


The 10th China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo was held online and offline from Sept 9 to 13. The event featured exhibitions and displays, prioritized exchanges between professionals from the alcoholic beverage industry and presented a powerful platform for domestic and international companies to engage in negotiations, cooperation and innovative development.

The World's first Floating Island City project has been launched, announced the Union of Pine


Qingdao, China, 2020: On September 6, a website called "the Union of Pine" appeared on the Internet. The world's first floating island city on the high seas north of Midway island has been launched, they announced.

Risen Energy completed an order for a 100KW project in Poland and accelerates global layout again


​Ninghai China – September 26th 2020 --Recently, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. (300118) announced that it has completed the cooperation with the Polish ERGO Arena (SolarSpot is the main contractor of ERGO Srena project) and successfully supplied 100KW 144 half-cell mono PERC modules for the stadium. This cooperation will help the ERGO Arena, one of the largest stadium in Poland, first realize large-scale

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