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Nongfu Spring Nurtures Each Bottle of Drink With All Heart


In the past 40 years, with the rapid development of social economy and the acceleration of urbanization, China's water environment has become increasingly complex.

Nongfu Spring——Be a Good Porter of Nature


With the enhancement of consumption consciousness, domestic consumers are more and more cautious about the choices of natural drinking water and various kinds of drinks and food. They not only prefer big brands, but also focus on the attitude of the big brands. Nowadays, consumers are more inclined to self-decision when choosing products.

Nongfu Spring——Unlock Health Secrets


With the improvement of people's living standards, people in growing number choose bottled drinking water.

Nongfu Spring, Creates High-Quality Water


With the acceptance for mineral water gradually increased in the market, the scale of China's mineral water market is increasing year by year. From 2017 to 2019, China’s import volume of mineral water has been increasing steadily. From January to November of 2019, imports of China's mineral water topped 59.5457 million US dollars.

Nongfu Spring——Making Safe and Healthy Water


With the improvement of consumers' health awareness and the pursuit of quality life, there are more requirements on the safety and health of water, which drives the rapid development of drinking water industry.

Nongfu Spring’s Hard Core Products Bring Healthy Drinking Water


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's life quality, consumers have a more stringent demand for drinking water safety, health and sanitation. As water pollution raises as a top concern of consumers, healthy drinking water has become a public pursuit. In order to meet this demand, Nongfu Spring has been deeply developing the beverage industry and forging ahead.

The upcoming Filecoin Mainnet would be a long-term investment? Depends on its R and D strength


The only breaking news in Blockchain industry in 2020 would be the official launch of Filecoin at the height of epoch 148888 with the total raised money of 257 million dollars after several delays and it is expected to reach this height around October 15, 2020.

IGFANS is ready to be rolled out in Thailand


Recently, the Thai government announced the gradual lifting of epidemic prevention and control measures so that people's livelihood can return to the right track, but this has not solved Thailand's existing economic problems.

Application of CYCJET Laser Marking Machine in Auto Parts Industry


At present, the car has become an indispensable means of transportation, and it is also an item that can reflect one’s identity and image. Now, the number of vehicles is still increasing, you can imagine how hot the automobile industry is.

Transforming the Culture and Tourism Industry, and Embracing a New Beginning – 2020 World Culture and Tourism Forum Officially Launched


On September 28, the 2020 World Culture and Tourism Forum was launched in Chanba Ecological District in Xi'an, with the theme of “Culture & Tourism Recovery with Innovation Transformation".

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