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The soul of the future personalized design concept - prefabricated inorganic terrazzo


In memory, terrazzo is mostly used in large buildings such as schools and hospitals. The original cast-in-place terrazzo process is a product that has been ground and polished after mixing gravel, glass, quartz sand, etc. into cement. But always gives people a very common feeling.

Yuantian Auto Tape Edge Machine


What is a mattress tape edge machine? There are two main types of mattress tape edge machines, automatic mattress tape edge banding machines and semi-automatic mattress tape edge banding machines.

Advantages of profiles aluminum for windows and doors


Due to the strength, durability and ease of maintenance of aluminum, you may have considered aluminum as a material for doors and windows. What are the benefits of profiles aluminum for windows and doors? Aluminum is a material that allows you to balance performance and aesthetics. Therefore, aluminum doors and windows have many advantages over traditional wood or UPVC.

Factors affecting the vacuum degree of cooked italian vacuum packaging machine


The reason why the food industry uses italian vacuum packaging machines for vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen and help prevent food from spoiling. Because the spoilage of food is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) need oxygen for their survival.

Advantages of Vertical Bucket Elevator


Maintenance requirements of vertical bucket elevator Bucket elevators need to be cleaned regularly during maintenance, and the parts are lubricated and tensioned. Cleaning the bucket is essential to avoid the accumulation of fine particles. The deposition of fine particles can cause damage to the bucket and even damage to conveyor gears such as chains.

The difference between lathe and metal cnc milling machine


Metal cnc milling machines are machines used to remove material from a workpiece by feeding the workpiece onto a multi-edged or pointed cutting tool. Taller than lathes and shorter in length, allowing manufacturing companies to place them in tight spaces.

Advice for The Use of Ceiling Lights


The main advantages of LED ceiling lights are low-carbon energy saving, adapting to global energy saving and emission reduction, and low-carbon life trends. It is an ideal choice for modern high-light home. The lamp can reach 50000H under normal use, which is equivalent to the life of 50 incandescent lamps. It is very suitable for shopping malls, hotels, jewelry counters and families.

Introduction of Fire-proof Glass


Fire-resistant glass is mainly used to control the spread of fire or smoke insulation during fire protection. It is a kind of fire-proof material that is processed and treated by unique processes and can maintain its integrity and heat insulation in the prescribed fire resistance test. Special glass. Its fire resistance evaluates the fire-proof effect of the fire-proof glass.

PET Stickers are Widely Used in The Chemical Industry


However, the stickers and labels made of ordinary materials are not resistant to impact and friction, and are waterproof and corrosion resistant. They have to be updated after a period of time, which is quite troublesome. In response to this situation, people invented PET stickers to replace traditional labels.

Do You Know The Types of LCD Screen


LCD screen is suitable for many devices because of its low power consumption and clear process. It has been loved by many consumers once it came out. A liquid crystal display product is mainly divided into several aspects in structure.

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