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What are the general requirements of cnc rapid prototyping technology?


Cnc rapid prototyping CNC parts machining center spindle speed, feed speed and cutting speed are generally determined by the tool, and the setting amount of different tool parameters for processing the same material will also be different.

Surface treatment method of Sheet Metal prototype processing


Sheet Metal prototype processing technology is used for the processing of cabinet cabinet structures such as mute cabinets, cabinet cabinets, etc. Sheet Metal prototype processing includes punching, blanking, bending, etc.

What role can Inductor air core coil play in hearing aids


Inductor air core coil is generally a device installed inside a hearing aid for receiving magnetic signals. When there is an alternating magnetic field in the surrounding environment, the coil can induce this magnetic force, thereby generating a current, which can finally be converted into sound after being subjected to the microphone. So as to pass to the human ear.

Several important factors that need attention in injection molding


The advantage of the injection molding method is that the production speed is fast and the efficiency is high. It can be automated when performing related operations.

What kind of machine is Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines?


There are many types of packaging machines, the most common are bag filling and sealing and Advanced Thermoforming Packaging Machines. Some companies that use packaging products will use these two machines for packaging. Now let's give you a brief introduction to thermoforming packaging machine.

Why are led flood lights more and more popular?


Led flood lights are divided into two categories according to power. One is the combination of power chips, which has relatively stable performance and is suitable for small-scale flood lighting. The other type is to use a single high-power chip, which has a large structure and is suitable for large-area and long-distance floodlighting.

How to solve the problem of large error of Large CNC cutting machine?


Mechatronic cutting machines are called CNC cutting machines. They drive the machine tool through digital programs. With the movement of the machine tool, the cutting tools are randomly equipped to cut the objects.

Maintenance Method of Constant Temperature and Humidity Electronic Test Chamber


Maintenance method of constant temperature and humidity electronic test chamber: 1.Before the test, be sure to check that the water level in the water tank is not too high or too low. If the water overflows the water tank or is too low, the wet ball test cloth will not absorb water properly, and the accuracy of the wet ball will be affected. The water level can be kept about six minutes full.

Application of PLC in printing press machine 1


All kinds of printing press machine have a common feature: all electrical control is controlled by PLC. The small PLC has fewer control points and only 64 operating points. It is an integrated firmware. The large PLC has several thousand operating points and has a split design. The working point can be expanded according to the needs of the number of control points.

New Double-heads Water Jet Machine


​To satisfy more needs from the customers, Foshan Shuttle introduces a new equipment which is called Double-heads Water Jet Machine. Compared to the old-style double-heads water jet machine which just owns two 3axis heads and only straight cut. This new-style, has two heads. One is AC-5axis head, the other one is AB-5axis head. They can work alone, and work together.

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