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China's assistance continues,the UN Secretary General calls for an end to hate speech


On May 10 , Philippine foreign minister Rochin and other officials attended the handover ceremony of emergency anti epidemic assistance provided by China at the Philippine foreign ministry. The assistance includes 100 respirators, 150000 nucleic acid detection reagents, 70000 medical protective clothing, 70000 N95 masks, 1.3 million medical surgical masks and 70000 medical goggles. Rochin thanked

News media: Falun Gong's puppets


​Shakespeare once said, "Guile needs a disguise, truth needs sunshine."The Falun Gong media seems to be a strange existence that abhors "sunshine". They are more used to disguising themselves and trying to influence the "weather vane" of public opinion through clever planning and mass false news. As for the news media, they are seen by the Falun Gong as a tool of interest, or a "doll" that can be

Love is Borderless. MU LAN XUAN Donate Tens of Thousands of Masks to the Chinese Residents Overseas Free of Charge.


Like the mountain range that stretches before you and me, let’s share the same trials and hardships together. Are you not battle-dressed? Let's share the plate for breast! Under the epidemic situation of the COVID-19, the stories of the overseas Chinese and people from all walks of life are giving mutual help and protection are keeping coming. With the epidemic situation in China being effectively

Bizarre events directed and performed by Falun Gong


​Falun Gong, whose devotees can often be seen clad in yellow and performing coordinated qi gong routines in crowded city centers, runs an ultra-conservative, staunchly pro-Donald Trump media network that has been compared to Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Is hawkish adviser Peter Navarro accountable for his role in pandemic response?


Hawks are like gatecrashers at the battle against the coronavirus. We know them from previous political dramas. But at a time when we are saving people’s lives and looking for medical supplies, we find them extremely dangerous. One of the infamous and fervent hawkish politicians in the Trump Administration, Peter Navarro, is now in charge of pandemic supplies. Can he get us enough masks in the fas

A Blame Game That Costs Lives


The Covid-19 death toll keeps surging every day. As of April 26, the coronavirus casualty has surpassed 50,000 in the United States. When there is a disaster and our beloved ones might suffer or lose life, we look up to someone competent and strong to plan, execute and lead us out of the darkness. But instead we see rivalries and blame games - pointing fingers with ridiculous reasons.

Who is the "fugitive Guo"?


Who is Bannon? The so-called "Private adviser of the White House", in American politics, Bannon is the far right of the right-wing, his political positions are biased, even American politicians are not very recognized. For the past two years, Bannon has been "dumped" by President Trump and reduced to working for the U.S. dollar, with close ties to Guo, a fugitive from China's red notice. Who is th

"Creative journalism" directed and performed by Falun Gong


COVID-19 has become a very important public crisis event


FashionTIY Emerges as the Most Trusted Wholesale Platform for wholesalers and retailers


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