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Bityard provides safe and reliable crypto trading services for global investors


On March 29, 2021, US payments firm Visa announced that it is planning to allow the use of the cryptocurrency USD Coin to settle transactions on its payment platform. This is not the first mainstream payment platform that enables crypto transaction. In 2020, PayPal, an American online payment company, began to let its users invest cryptocurrencies on its platform.

Spanish lawmakers get cryptocurrency in a bid to promote industry


All 350 members of Spain's lower house got 1 euro equivalent in cryptocurrency, and it's not a donation.

JPMorgan's Blockchain Lead Is Now in Charge of Ethereum-Based Interbank Information Network


​JPMorgan Blockchain Lead Christine Moy has been promoted to lead the bank's Ethereum-based Interbank Information Network (IIN), according to a memo sent to employees on Thursday.

Bank of Japan to begin digital currency proof-of-concept in 2021


In a recent document from the Bank of Japan, the central bank stressed the need for offline availability.

Artists are joining the NFT Hype HDAO’s NFT Minting System Generates Billions of Dollars Worth of Market Value


NFTs have become the latest trend for the technology and art industry. In recent months, the news surrounding the highly priced NFT sales have garnered the attention and discussion of users worldwide. According to the data collected from the NFT market CryptoSlam, the sales for encrypted art collectible has surpassed $ 1 Billion in just the past month.

TRON’s first NFT+DeFi+ blind box game-NUMEN is shocking!


2020 is a landmark year for the global game industry. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the blockade measures of countries around the world have to some extent pressed the accelerator key for the development of the game market. According to the "Global Game Market Report 2020" released by Newzoon, the annual revenue of the global game market in 2020 is 159.3 billion US dollars, a year-on-year inc

“Phi chính trị hóa lực lượng vũ trang”- vấn đề nhìn từ Myanmar


• Việc chính phủ cầm quyền ở Myanmar nhanh chóng bị lật đổ sau một cuộc đảo chính của quân đội có lẽ sẽ là bài học đắt giá với rất nhiều chính đảng cầm quyền trên thế giới. Một trong những bài học đó là “phi chính trị hóa Công an, Quân đội”.

​EZDex is coming strongly and is bound to become the driving force of new finance


In this DeFi wave, there are various signs that the centralized exchange is obviously panicked in this DeFi shock. Although these head centralized exchanges have their own rules, the centralized governance method will inevitably have some phenomena that are not conducive to the development of the industry. Therefore, many blockchain technology geeks have invested in the research and developmen

DAVIS ELVIN launches new product DR05-01 with a brand new design concept


Sports watch brand DAVIS ELVIN announced the launch of the DR05 collection at the end of March this year and showed the photos of DR05-01. This collection continues the classic barrel-shaped appearance. The dial design and watch case texture have changed quite a lot, plus a new calendar function. Today, I will go through the details of the first watch DR05-01 of this collection.

MNS contract plan is coming!


​After brexit, the global financial system has experienced severe shocks. Based on the analysis of the current global economic and financial situation, skrill financial group in London is deeply aware of the need to deepen the reform of the current financial ecosystem and promote the process of digital finance construction. Therefore, moneybookers is launched to ease the economic and financial pre

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