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The improvement and innovation of Uniswap V3 has driven the whole field of Defi to a new height


Since June of this year, the speed of Defi has been increasing rapidly. In this process, lending, DEX and liquidity mining developed most rapidly. The number of users of Defi has increased from less than 200000 at the beginning of June to more than 400000 now. The amount of assets locked by Defi has increased from less than US $1 billion at the beginning of June to more than US $8 billion now. The

The First Hainan International Beer Festival kicked off


The event’s venue is 16,000 square meters. More than 50 exhibitors are attending the activity. The beer festival will last for 10 days, during which exciting themed activities will be held for the attendees. As one of the main activities of the Hainan Island Carnival in 2020, the festival continues to fill the city with good spirits during the Christmas and New Year season.

ZHAOWEI to Unveil Newly Designed Drive System for Rollable Screen at CES 2021


ZHAOWEI Drive has confirmed its attendance at the first-ever all-digital CES 2021, to be held January 11-14, 2021. From Jan.12 to 13, ZHAOWEI Drive will provide Chat Moderators during show hours 7AM-9PM (EST).

Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform


To facilitate the government-business communication, solve poor information, magnify the "conference effect", providing one-stop service for entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao

PEC and CRex, have reached the ecological cooperation of co-construction, symbiosis and common prosperity


Many analysts believe that the ecological co-construction, symbiosis and ecological cooperation between the PEC and CRex will build a more perfect ecological layout for PEC, promote the co-construction, co-existence and co-prosperity of professional and autonomous block chain digital assets, and form a strong, credible and decentralized ecological value system.

ETV and CRex,have reached the overall ecological cooperation of co-construction, symbiosis, and common prosperity


Recently, it was learned that the Global Entropy Value (ETV) and China Resources Digital Asset Exchange( CRex) have reached the overall ecological cooperation of co-construction, symbiosis, and common prosperity.

Statement by the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region on U.S. Congress' Approval of Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2020


The so-called "Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2020" of the United States seriously violates the fundamental principles of international law and basic norms governing international relations, grossly interferes in China's internal affairs and sends a seriously wrong signal to the separatist forces for "Tibet independence". The Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Regi

Design “Chinese brain” for automatic dock through independent innovation


In October 2013, Qingdao Port of Shandong Port Group organized an automatic dock project team led by Zhang Liangang. Due to foreign technological blockade, they had to face the coastline and a piece of land to be leveled.

UNIP air drop is coming, creating a road to future wealth


With the development of blockchain, decentralization will continue to be the essence of blockchain projects and their communities. Solving the problems of most token projects has always been a headache, and a platform is urgently needed to help them build and run sustainable business models.

Humanity Prevails in the Time of COVID-19


The 2020 Christmas is an unusual one. Reunions got cancelled in the time of pandemic. “COVID-19 & lockdown” entered Word of the Year list. This broad challenge treats everyone on earth equally, making it a test for all human beings. Regardless of borders, races, and interests, the world stays connected and stays together. The anti-epidemic stories are shared across the world and the unified frontl

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