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MIGO platform leads the way for blockchain decentralization


Recently, the world of Bitcoin is making new all-time highs every day. After 9 consecutive months of skyrocketing, on the evening of December 27, the price of Bitcoin once again risen to $28,000, an increase of 13% within 24 hours, once again making its entry into the history books.

MasterC, the king of “AI trading”, dominates the digital currency market


In March 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) programme AlphaGo and the world champion of Go, professional nine-dan player Li Shishi went into a Go man versus machine battle where AlphaGo ended up winning with a total score of 4-1. At the end of 2016 and early 2017, AlphaGo has competed with players from China, Japan and South Korea on a Chinese chess website in as series of quick duels of which Alp

DAA Token has successfully listed on WhiteBit Exchange


Congratulations to Double Ace who has successfully launched their DAA token at the Whitebit Exchange on Dec 30.

On the financial track, how does GBi innovate


On the evening of December 30,Feifei, head of The Chinese community of Globe Financial Bi (hereinafter referred to as GBi), shared the theme of "On the financial track, how does GBi innovate" on Anypay, the marketing planning service incubated by The Blockchain project in China, and comprehensively introduced the ecology, application and vision of the GBi project.

Bitget Listed On CMC and Ranks 4th in Derivatives


Bitget recently listed on CoinMarketCap, the world's largest market website, ranking 4th in derivatives. Up to now, Bitget has listed on more than ten global noted market websites such as CoinGecko and Nomics. On Cryptoadventure, a prominent European blockchain information platform, Bitget's overall score is 95 points, which is the same as Binance and OKEx.

​ From "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" to Mobius Wallet, Robert Kiyosaki creates a cash flow game that ordinary people can participate in!


On December 13, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of "Poor Dad and Rich Dad", tweeted that fortunately, I bought Bitcoin. Its next stop is $50,000. Institutional funds will continue to be purchased in 2021. If you missed Bitcoin, buy silver. As a result of AOC's Green New Deal, silver will also rise. For gold, silver, Bitcoin and entrepreneurs, the future is bright.

Betfair and Arthur Holland foundation, Xinze capital, encryption asset research institute Jointly promote online sports gambling business


Every step is setting a new height, and Betfair is ushering in an important moment. On December 28, 2020, we officially become strategic partners with Arthur Holland foundation, Xinze capital and encryption asset research institute. We will jointly promote online sports gambling business.

CBX and CRex signed a global digital community agreement


The CBX and CRex reached a joint construction of a symbiotic and co-prosperous ecosystem, carrying out a comprehensive docking of cutting-edge technology and global resources .

ETTK(Ethtikal): One-stop World Blockchain Financial Platform


Preface:Under the substantial supports from the Blockchain Foundation in Wall Street, ETTK will be one of the most practical blockchain financial platforms in the world. ETTK serves the global blockchain financial market based on cryptocurrency cross-chain transaction, blockchain financial transaction solutions, and quantity-level smart contract transaction. The USD 30 million ETTK Token will b

Torch Cloud ARTC Open Ecosystem World Premiere


According to TorchCloud (Torch Cloud) official announcement, ARTC was launched at 18:18 pm on December 26, 2020, presenting the world's first "AI intelligent four-dimensional spatial variable algorithm" in a global perspective! Relying on the top technology and good comprehensive market capabilities of the American computing power laboratory and DEFI technical team, we are committed to creati

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