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SumSwap, which integrates exquisite mathematical models, empowers DeFi with the power of mathematics


After rigorously researching lots of of DeFi initiatives out there, the SumSwap staff from Britain discovered that the actual cause for making DeFi standard was mathematical innovation. Solely by means of mathematical innovation can novel initiatives be actua

An open global transactionand settlement network protocol


The person in charge of the GAMMA project said, “We are positioned to create a decentralized global transaction and clearing settlement network protocol. We will adopt a technical solution combining Layer1+Layer2, taking into account asset security, performance, privacy, and decentralization. So as to create an epoch-making new digital asset transaction agreement."

Autonomous Dream Works Ingenuity masterpiece EGG Network


EGG Network Autonomous Dream Works is the creation of unique and complete dehumanization, to comply to the center, is a tolerant polymeric Yongten million application development dynamic financial network.

The meaning of MAS——Privacy-the most important unicorn in the DEFI world!


Decentralized trading projects like sushiswap have achieved rapid success throughout 2020. The reason is actually very simple: users like toacquire new assets around the clock, and all of this does not requirean account to be registered.

CoinFans opens mining machine rental service


Distributed commercial blockchain BitCherry (BCHC)technology can help DEXs?


Distributed commercial blockchain BitCherry (BCHC) technology can help DEXs? What is DEXs Bitcherry Technology Implementation - P2Plus Network Protocol

BitCherry (BCHC) IPv8 Internet of Things (IoT) and our future


We believe that IT is changing and will keep changing the way we live and of course our future. IoT (Internet of Things) has been a major topic of discussion, especially in 2014.

ALeader in the Insurance Industry – Blockchain Insurance Global


In life, we mainly buy insurance, such as car accident insurance, personal safety insurance, etc., to mitigate certain risks. But when it comes to traditional insurance, you need to find a third-party insurance company, pay hefty fees, and sign an insurance agreement before the insurance company will honor it. The insurance company will then dispense the claims once an incident fulfills the requir

UCOTCreates a Global Ecological Chain with IoT Technology


Accordingto a forecast by IDC, the global Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow from US$1.9 trillion in 2013 to US$7.1 trillion in 2020. TheMcKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2025, the economic scaleof IoT applications will be between 3.9 trillion and 11.1 trillion.

The crypto asset & blockchain universe: from a financial point of view


​How do I see the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolving? Especially when it comes to DeFi? And how do I label the various sectors and subdivisions?

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