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Dustproof and waterproof of electric chain hoist


The distance between the upper and lower hooks of some ultra-low chain electric hoists is too small, which is very suitable for places with strict requirements on the lifting height. The chain of the Electric Chain hoist​ is generally equipped with a chain belt, so that the Electric Chain hoist can look neat and beautiful.

Polishing knowledge about floor polishing wax


Floor polishing wax​ can actually be used in products with higher surrounding hardness. Polishing wax is mainly used in furniture, car phone shells and cell phone watch shells. The following briefly describes some relevant knowledge of polishing wax.

ntc thermistor suitable for substrate


In recent years, as the demand for miniaturization of electronic equipment has increased, electronic components such as NTC thermistors embedded in substrates with built-in components are becoming smaller and thinner. It will be placed on a substrate with built-in components, filled with insulating resin and embedded in the substrate.

How to deal with emergency after blood bag puncture


Clinical blood transfusion is not a trivial matter. How many checks and tests the patient goes through from blood collection, blood matching, and blood transfusion. The patient's blood bag​ is punctured during blood transfusion, causing waste and contamination of blood products, and even nurse-patient disputes, causing great distress to nurses.

Three advantages of aluminum foil lunch box


As an environmentally friendly packaging material, aluminum foil packaging products have increasingly appeared in the lives of consumers. Some consumers have questions about the safety of aluminum foil products. As an aluminum foil product manufacturer, talk to consumers about aluminum foil packaging. the opinion of.

What is water-based PU glue?


The water-based PU glue​ not only has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good adhesion, but also does not yellow, beautiful and easy to use.

What should I do if the steel structure is rusted?


We all know that the steel structure​ is most likely to rust. If the steel structure in Nanjing is rusted, it will not only affect the stability of the steel structure in Jiangning, but also threaten the safety of life in the plant, and the rust of the steel structure will affect the steel structure plant.

What to consider when choosing marble tile?


What are the considerations when purchasing marble tile? Before purchasing marble tiles, you must first confirm the decoration style, because in this way, you can better choose the right tiles and make them harmonize with the decoration style of the whole room. Generally speaking, marble tiles are suitable for European style, classical style and mixed style.The three styles of tiles are briefly de

How to prevent the kitchen sink faucet from leaking?


When kitchen sink faucet is used at home, it often appears that kitchen sink faucet will be broken after use. This situation should occur in many families. Generally, the bathroom hardware has been used for a long time and has not been maintained. How about Prevent the kitchen sink faucet from leaking?

How does shoddy aluminum extrusion for windows and doors save costs?


Unqualified internal configuration: Unreasonable design structure is a common phenomenon in fake and inferior products, such as aluminum extrusion for windows and doors, sealants, accessories, frames, and hardware accessories are of poor quality, so such furniture is very dangerous to use.

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