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Declan Laverty trial: Screams heard from the public gallery as verdict handed down for Keith Kerinauia, 19, who stabbed to death young Darwin bottle shop worker

2024-06-20 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13549269/Declan-Laverty-trial-darwin-screams-gallery-verdict-keith-kerinauia-stabbing.htmlHaiPress

Screams were heard in court from the family and friends of a young man who was found guilty of murdering a bottle shop worker,whilst the slain man's mother and sister cried and embraced.   

Keith Kerinauia,19,was found guilty of murdering Airport Tavern BWS bottle shop employee,Declan Laverty,20,after an eight-day trial in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

Mr Laverty was minutes away from finishing his shift at the drive-through bottle shop in the Darwin suburb of Jingili,just before 9pm on March,2023,when he was stabbed multiple times.

Kerinauia attacked Mr Laverty after he was refused service and fled the scene in a blue 2014 Toyota Camry.

Twenty witnesses gave evidence during the trial - including police,forensic experts,eyewitnesses and Kerinauia,reported ABC News.

BWS Airport Tavern security guard Rifat Mahmud (centre) tried desperately to save Ms Laverty and revealed the worker's final words to the Supreme Court in Darwin

The jury,who were sent to deliberate on Wednesday afternoon,returned their unanimous verdict just before 11am on Thursday in front of a gallery full of supporters for both the victim and the accused.

In the Northern Territory a murder verdict carries a minimum non-parole period of 20 years in prison.

Kerinauia's defence lawyer Jon Tippett indicated he would be making a submission for the minimum non-parole period for his client when they returned to court for sentencing submissions in coming weeks.


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