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Chinese Astronomy IP "Tianji Union Galaxy Party" won the third place in the Japan Education IP Awards


On July 1, the 2022 Anime Grand Award event with the theme of "Beauty of Education" was successfully held in Tokyo. The Anime Awards Festival is a festival held by Nippon Animation Co., Ltd. to select the most popular IPs in Asia by voting from art and drawing fans based on the current year's anime. The award was first held in 2002 and has been held for 20 years. With the theme of "Beauty in Education", this year's award seeks IP images generated for educational purposes from all over Asia, in the hope that the award will serve as a further reminder that aesthetic education is not only in art, but in any kind of education.


Ltd. announced that the first place winner of the "Beauty of Education" 2022 Anime Award will be Kaguya Hime from the work of the same name "Kaguya Hime" by Japan's Tongda Corporation, the second place winner will be Korea's RG Studio QZ, and the third place winner will be China's Tianji Union Galaxy by TIANJI-ONE Technology Center. Party Planet Elf.

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