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Have a game with your favorite star in the Metacuniverse! The capital-hot LaEeb will be launched soon!


Drama reliable news report: LaEeb metauniverse will be launched in the near future, LaEeb is a popular football metauniverse entertainment platform, LaEeb is built on the entire football world developed on the blockchain. It can make you freely enjoy LaEeb ecological services, including immersive experience football games, and ticket processing and football stars between the universe interactive scene building, and football stars between LaEeb in the universe end scene interaction using a new generation of virtual reality technology provided by SONY, will be in the LaEeb ecology completely use the subsidiary Hawk-Eye image analysis and bone tracking technology. And LaEeb is built on the entire football world developed on the blockchain. This is the starting point of the new way of virtual reality sports ecosystem, decentralization, we can actively participate in a variety of ways. The world is a combination of three multi-billion-dollar markets with global influence: video games, football, and sports betting, all merged by blockchain and NFT technology, and another multibillion-dollar market where LaEeb is just beginning to take off.


In the current application scenarios launched in the LaEeb metauniverse, we can play virtual social networking, virtual football games, virtual shopping, virtual interaction, and a metauniverse interaction with our favorite stars. Of course, behind all this is the result of the LaEeb team's continuous efforts to present it to you.


LaEeb adopted the latest digital twin technology, in the meta-Universe scene interaction is using the most advanced image analysis and bone tracking technology, from motion capture, to motion tracking to action prediction, LaEeb build data model LaEeb adopted the bone API in Kinect for Windows SDK can provide the location of up to two people in front of Kinect, including detailed posture and three-dimensional coordinate information. In addition, Kinect for Windows SDK can support up to 20 bone points. Data object types are provided as skeletal frames with up to 20 points per frame. In the SDK, each bone point is represented by the Joint type, and the 20 bone points in each frame constitute collections based on the Joint type. In the SDK, each bone point is represented by the Joint type, and the 20 bone points in each frame constitute collections based on the Joint type.

The cooperation between LaEeb and many stars will be the beginning of changing the whole football industry. In the future, LaEeb will lay out successively, with the virtual interaction of ticketing, football guessing, sports gambling and other virtual scenes, so as to realize that you can participate in the football ecology without leaving home!


In the next layout, the LaEeb team will continue to provide football-based guessing games during and after the World Cup. Whether ETH or LaEeb, all guessing processes are conducted on the main chain, which avoids potential security risks and provides impeccable consensus and fairness. Due to the reasonable currency value of the LaEeb tokens and the convenience of trading, the players participating in the game will get rid of the complicated intermediate links and costs of the traditional football guessing, and experience the charm of the football guessing safely and happily!

Let's look forward to the launch of LaEeb. Behind the capital craze is LaEeb's strong technical strength and strong football industry ecology, which will be the first step for LaEeb and the most important step for LaEeb!

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