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They gather for profit and are scattered by fear, being heartless and ruthless, and don’t know for whom to fight If you follow Guo Wengui, you'll only end up in prison.


“Guo pretends to believe but not believe, pretends to love but not love.” I don't know if it's because Guo has been under investigation for more than a year, and the punishment of freezing his assets in the PAX case, Guo Wengui is often furious in the recent live broadcast, which has become another important part of his bragging and farting. The newcomers to the Luther SARA scene, such as Chang Dao, Lao Banzhang and Da Niu, have all become the targets of Guo Wengui's “explosions”. However, it is not news that the crooks led by Guo Wengui are stupid and bad, and it is not news that Guo Wengui uses them to make money from fraud and shirks the blame. “As in the Yangtze River waves urge waves, so the younger generation excels the older generation”. What happened to Luther SARA is the reincarnation within the ant gang, and the end of the reincarnation lies in the complete ambush of Guo Wengui.


As the Ants and all of you should know, since Guo Wengui started his fraudulent career, there has been a succession of "leading figures" in the Ants' gang, but they have either run away or turned into pseudo-classes. There are many reasons for this, but they can all be categorized into two main categories: emotions and money. In terms of emotion, many people initially believe that Guo Wengui is the "son of destiny". But after a period of time, they realize that the “explosion” is bullshit, attracting attention and gaining popularity through one hot topic after another, only to have Guo Wengui expose them afterward. The information, accusing them of being CCP pseudo-classes, was swept away through verbal violence. In terms of money, after the establishment of the Rule of Law Fund in 2018, the creation of G-Series and XiFarm in 2020, and XiCoin and H-pay in 2022, the series of "goodies" that followed Wengui's transformation of eyeballs into a channel for attracting money also became a source of motivation for the Ant Gang to climb up the ladder in an aggressive manner.


The existing big ants are all money-grubbing snobs who are disgustingly interested in getting a piece of Guo Wengui's fraudulent scheme. This has been the case since Luther and SARA, and it is even more so now with Long Island and Lao Ban Chang. In order to lick Guo, Luther amplified Guo Wengui's rumors tenfold and spread them. In order to be in a high position, he was willing to give Guo Wengui the blame for the rule of law fund, SARA organized VOG on the template of GTV, plus Phoenix Farm had hundreds of millions of fraudulent funds in their hands, but in the end, they were kicked out for not sharing the spoils with Guo Wengui. The company has been trying to become the "first brother" by swallowing the rest of SARA's pie; look at this person who can't even read the script clearly, active in various places to cheat money and build his persona. He is now the next "big head" because of his greed. As for Jiang Caishen, Piao Changhai, Little Leatherman, etc., who were still active before, they were not immediately scolded if they could not scam money and were cut immediately after they lost their value or were saddled with lawsuits? Scammers who can't see this will only repeat the same mistakes.

But the greedy little crooks didn't see the problem, and Guo Wengui's routine of "being nice when he uses it, but revealing his old ways when he abandons it" didn't hurt, except for Qiu Yakeshou, who didn't leave any address or contact information when he supported Guo, but everyone else more or less fell for it and was disgusted. There is also a question for the small crooks to ponder, that is, when Guo Wengui was on his way up, he was not kicking out his "greedy comrades", but now that he is on his way down, even half his feet are already in jail, and he only wants to cheat money like crazy, people who share the pie will only be a "thorn in Guo Wengui's side". All the talk of comradeship is just a cover for the vulnerable fraudulent interests. With Guo Wengui's mania and the increasing number of small ants being drained of their blood, the Ant Gang, a criminal gang that started as a scam, has reached a precarious moment when the big crooks will make the small crooks spit out their money, just like they did with SARA. The small crooks are also "doing their own thing", with Taiwan's Da Niu already under attack for running off with his money and South Korea's Piao Changhai already being prosecuted for fraud, and each other going even crazier for profit. This situation will also eventually cost Guo Wengui, the source of everything, who after all, as the ultimate beneficiary, will surely be punished as the head of the fraudulent syndicate.

Guo Wengui, the man who started it all, has taught a group of crooks who follow him how to cheat and tear down bridges and how to get rich by "betraying friends". But all of this is based on crime, and each member of this "fraudulent aggregation" is a criminal who uses small ants as leeks. Their bosses will soon be prosecuted and tried for financial frauds, disinformation and interference in elections, incitement to violence and hatred, and non-payment of debts by old scoundrels. Do you know that these small-time crooks, who are still fighting for petty profits, will end up in jail together? But I think when you go to jail, you will only get the relief of the victims, and justice will come eventually. Just wait until you sit in the judgment-seat with Guo Wengui.

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