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Wellington College International Shanghai wishes Happy Chinese New Year to you


Spirits were high last week as Wellington College International Shanghai ushered in the Year of the Ox. The campus was adorned in a bright, festive décor of auspicious symbols. The centrepiece of it all was, of course, the Ox, a symbol of resilience and kindness, two very important Wellington values.

On Wednesday, thisShanghai international school ’s Early Years pupils took to the stage for their annual CNY performance. The stellar show was the culmination weeks of rehearsal. In the interest of keeping our community safe and healthy, we asked that parents not attend this performance. We did, however, record the show so that all parents, family members and friends can enjoy it the comfort and safety of their homes.

This Shanghai international school’s annual CNY Charity auction on Thursday added to the colourful atmosphere with original works on exhibit by our pupils in Early Years through year 5. The auction raised a total of over 30,000 RMB for Bright and Beautiful, a wonderful result for a great cause!

Finally, on Friday, pupils, teachers and staff showed their CNY spirit dressing in holiday-themed attire, like traditional tang zhuangs and qipaos as well as anything bright red or Ox-themed. That morning, our year 7 pupils also treated the school to a traditional dragon dance.

Wellington College International Shanghai wishes all of our pupils, parents and staff a happy Year of the Ox and look forward to seeing you all once classes resume.

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