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How to quickly get rid of the odor of the newly bought office chair?


The following is a brief description of how to quickly remove the odor of office chairs:

1. Plant absorption method
Plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, such as cactus, spider plant, aloe, clivia, chrysanthemum, etc. Although many plants have certain air purification effects, this does not mean that formaldehyde in the air can be completely removed. Because the absorption of formaldehyde by plants can only play an auxiliary role in the process of purifying the air, if the content of formaldehyde in the air is too high, it may cause the plant itself to die.

2. Tea removal method
Tea actually has the effect of getting rid of peculiar smell. First boil the water, and then put some tea. When the tea steam evaporates, take out the plastic bucket and distribute it to the wardrobe, furniture and other places to eliminate the odor of formaldehyde, and add it after the water is cooled. Repeated operations like this can effectively improve the taste of interior decoration, and at the same time, it can also be used to dry overnight tea.


3. physical adsorption method
Many people use activated carbon and HEPA to remove the smell of new furniture, but these two substances only temporarily adsorb certain pollutants. If the indoor temperature and wind speed rise to a certain level, these pollutants will be released again, causing secondary pollution. To avoid this, these adsorbent materials must be replaced regularly.

4. ventilation
Ventilation is our most common method. Open doors and windows to allow air to circulate naturally. When the house is empty, ventilation is the most appropriate. If the sun is out, open the windows for as long as possible for ventilation, preferably no less than 2 hours, because this is the most effective and economical way to eliminate indoor pollution. Of course, there are many other methods that can quickly get rid of the odor. These are just a few effective and convenient methods that are briefly described.

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