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How to maintain LED track lights


       Many times people always ignore the maintenance of furniture and lamps, and always hold the idea of replacing them when they break. In fact, both furniture and lamps need to be maintained, because this can extend their service life. Because LED track lights are beautiful and have good local lighting effects, they are very popular on the market and dark colors are popular among consumers. The following briefly describes how to maintain the LED track light daily.
       1. After the track light is purchased, do not install it immediately. You should first read the product manual carefully, and then install it in accordance with the requirements of the manual, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble after the installation is completed.

       2. The safety of the track light at home is very important, so it is necessary to regularly check the various parameters of the track light and its components to prevent hidden safety hazards and cause unnecessary losses.

       3. Never modify the structure of the LED track light and its components at will. After cleaning and maintaining the track light every time, you need to install it as it is. Don't miss the installation, wrong installation, etc., otherwise careless mistakes will cause damage to the light.


       4. Do not switch frequently when using the lamp, because when the lamp is frequently started, the current of the filament will be larger than the current during normal operation, which will make the temperature of the filament rise sharply and accelerate the sublimation, thereby reducing the use of the filament Life, so it is necessary to minimize the number of times the lamps are switched on and off.

       5. In a place with high humidity, all electrical appliances may have a dangerous situation of leakage. In the humidity of the air, the lamps are prone to problems such as poor insulation and rusting of the reflector. Lamps should be waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid rust damage or leakage and short circuit.

       6. Do not use too much water to clean the LED track lights, just use a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of water to wipe it. If the track light accidentally touches water, wipe it dry immediately. In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, turn off the power in your home before cleaning.

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