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Precautions for maintaining glass shower enclosure


In order to prevent the glass shower enclosure from exploding, we should maintain the glass shower enclosure from time to time. The following briefly describes how to properly maintain the glass shower enclosure.

1. Avoid being hit and scratched by sharp objects

Although toughened glass has strong load-bearing capacity, it also has a fatal flaw, that is, it is afraid of being hit and scratched by sharp objects. Because the contact area of sharp objects is relatively small and the pressure on the glass is strong, the glass is more likely to crack. A little cracking has shown that the whole piece of glass has been greatly damaged and has a great impact on the shower room.
2. Focus on protecting the corners of the glass

The middle part of tempered glass is the strongest, while the corners and edges are relatively fragile. Once cracks appear, it means that the whole piece of glass is easily broken. For example: Just like when we usually take a bus, there is a safety hammer on the window glass, so the principle is the same. Therefore, we should always pay attention to check the four corners and edges of the glass shower enclosure for cracks.


3. Attach explosion-proof film to reduce the hazard of self-explosion

The explosion-proof film can increase the strength of the tempered glass. Even if the tempered glass bursts, the self-explosive glass fragments can be glued together by the adhesive force of the explosion-proof film. This can effectively prevent the glass fragments from splashing and hurting people after the tempered glass explodes.

4. Do not switch too much force

Although the toughened glass of the glass shower enclosure has high strength and strong performance in all aspects, it should not be treated roughly, such as switching on and off with a lot of force.

5. Avoid high temperature pressure on glass

The interior of the shower room is a relatively sealed space. Because the accumulation of high temperature and high pressure is easier to cause pressure on the glass, it is recommended not to adjust the water temperature to a high temperature all at once, but gradually increase the water temperature.

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