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The difference between LED track lights and LED ceiling lights


       Although the lamps used in different places are different, they are all closely related. For example, the biggest feature of the LED ceiling lamp is that it can be unified with the architectural decoration style. Its structure is to use the light source to hide the interior of the architectural decoration, while the LED light source is not exposed and does not stimulate the eye skin. The LED track light is a light installed on a similar track, and the angle of illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, so it is generally used as a spotlight in places that require accent lighting. The following briefly describes the difference between LED track lights and LED ceiling lights.
       The following are the differences and common points between LED track lights and LED ceiling lights:

       1. Common points: They are all LED lamps and their shells are made of aluminum structure, and they can adjust the light angle to light the exhibits.

        Differences: Their shape design is different. Track lights are generally cylindrical and installed outside the exposed area, while ceiling lights are generally embedded.


       2. The rotation angle of LED track light and LED ceiling light is different.

      Under normal circumstances, the ceiling lamp can only adjust the angle in one plane, and the angle range is between ±45° in the longitudinal direction. The track light can adjust the angle in two planes, the angle range is 360° horizontally and 180° vertical.

       3. Their exposure range is different. Under normal circumstances, track lights are equipped with sliding rails, so that they can be moved within a certain range. The ceiling lamp is embedded installation, the flexibility is lower than the track lamp.
       The characteristics of LED ceiling lights and LED track lights have their own distinct advantages. Ceiling lights are suitable for local lighting in fixed locations, and track spotlights are suitable for local lighting in mobile locations. Therefore, most shops choose track lights because they need to use track lights to continuously light the exhibits to cater for consumption. After all, the flexibility of track lights is relatively strong. The ceiling lamp is more suitable for local lighting in homes, restaurants and other places. Each lamp has its own advantages, and each lamp has its unique purpose, so a good decoration is also adjusted with various lamps.

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