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What are the causes of corrosion of bracket bearing parts



  1. Influence of production process

      During the production process, the products often receive strong corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis, which are rusted due to improper treatment. For example, in the grinding process, use the acid cleaning method to check whether the parts are burned, and neutralize the treatment after the acid cleaning Corrosion of the surface of the parts caused by poorly produced residual acid will cause rust; the use of electromagnetic fixtures in the grinding process will cause demagnetized dust to be adsorbed on the surface of the parts, causing difficulty in cleaning and rust;

  Some parts lack marks, use acid corrosion method to supplement words or mark bracket bearing accuracy grade level, etc., the neutralization process is not good and rust occurs.

bracket bearing

   2. The impact of inadequate rust prevention regulations

   (1) The coolant used during the grinding process is not replaced regularly, so that the parts are latently rusted under the influence of the metamorphic coolant, and only show up when assembled;

   (2) The stock parts are not strictly rust-proofed according to regulations, or the preparation of rust-proof liquid does not meet the standards;

  (3) Without wearing rust-proof gloves, washing hand sweat from time to time may cause rust on the bracket bearing parts.

   3. The influence of the external environment: The external environment is the objective condition that affects the corrosion of the bracket bearing parts.

  (1) Bracket bearing parts storage: the construction of the warehouse floor is not treated with a moisture-proof layer, the parts stacked in the warehouse are too dense, and the ventilation conditions are poor, etc.;

   (2) Poor environment around the factory: there is a lot of smoke or dust falling and flying into the warehouse. When dust adheres to the surface of the parts, due to the moisture absorption of the dust, a corrosive medium is formed and corrosion points are generated;

(3) The temperature in the warehouse changes greatly: there is no heating or insufficient heating in the warehouse in winter, the temperature is low, and the temperature difference between the day and the day in the warehouse is large. The bracket bearing parts are stored in the lower temperature warehouse from the production workshop. Rust;

   (4) There is no dressing room in the assembly room and parts store, there is no strict shoe changing system, and the cleanliness of the store cannot be maintained, especially the arbitrary eating and drinking in the store destroy the environment of the assembly room and storeroom;


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