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How to remove water based pu adhesive from shoes?


After the water based pu adhesive of leather shoes overflows, the glue will generally drip onto the upper, the upper or other parts of the shoe. At this time, you can take an appropriate amount of banana water drops on the glue stains. If the overflow occurs On the upper or upper, then you can find a damp soft cloth and rub it continuously, after the glue stains become soft, then dipped the water in the damp soft cloth and scrub repeatedly until it is clean.

water based pu adhesive

In general, the spillage of water based pu adhesive on shoes is in the heel. The correct operation method is to drip an appropriate amount of banana water on the spilled area. Use an old toothbrush to continuously stir, and the glue at the root of the shoe will gradually soften. Take it off, then rinse it with water, wipe it with a damp cloth.

After the canvas shoes overflow with glue, you can place an absorbent cloth on the place where the glue is stained, and then drip an appropriate amount of white vinegar on the glue stains. After dipped in water with cotton cloth, scrub repeatedly until it is clean. This is because vinegar is an organic solvent, the main ingredient is acetic acid, and the glue can be dissolved in the vinegar.

After the shoes overflow with glue, you can also wipe directly with insulating oil on the spilled parts. Take a soft cloth, dip a little insulating oil in the transformer, and then continuously wipe the rubber stained parts, the rubber stains on the shoes will gradually soften, and disappear after repeated wiping.

After the shoes are spilled, they can also be wiped with alcohol. Take a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol and wipe it repeatedly. Generally speaking, the glue stains on the shoes will dissolve in the alcohol. After repeated wipes, the traces of the glue stains will gradually disappear. Then you can use a soft cloth dipped in water and scrub it. However, where the shoes are glued, try not to touch alcohol, otherwise it may cause degumming.

After the shoes are overflowing with glue, if there is nail-removing water, you can also remove the nail-removing water for scrubbing. The nail-removing water is an organic solvent. Dip a cloth in water and scrub it. In addition, if you want to prevent the water based pu adhesive of the shoes from overflowing, it is best not to let the shoes be heated, and not to be near high temperature places, such as stoves, heaters, etc.


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