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How to increase the production rate of industrial aluminum profiles?


          In today's situation, whether it is automobile, mechanical protection, or railway, the demand for industrial aluminum profiles is increasing. It is natural to think of the dual problems of cost and resource utilization. How to improve the yield of industrial aluminum profiles has become a top priority. There are many productivity measures. This article talks about two specific and practical measures.

         1. Advanced equipment and high-quality workers are the prerequisites for increasing output

         To increase the output of extrusion products, advanced equipment, high-quality workers, and modern scientific management play a vital role. As the aluminum extrusion industry is in the stage of structural adjustment, low-level repeated introduction and construction should be avoided as much as possible. It is best to transform the existing industrial aluminum profiles extruder with value to modern high-level industrial aluminum profiles extrusion machine.

          2. The relationship between temperature control and increased output

industrial aluminum profiles

        Generally speaking, in addition to unscheduled downtime, the maximum output is generally determined by the extrusion speed, which is subject to four factors, three of which are fixed and the other is variable. The first factor is the extrusion force of the industrial aluminum profiles extruder. The high extrusion force allows smooth extrusion at low temperatures. The second factor is the mold design. The friction between the metal and the mold wall during extrusion is usually Let the temperature of the passing aluminum alloy rise by 35~62℃.

        The third factor is the characteristics of the extruded alloy, which is an uncontrollable factor that limits the extrusion speed. The exit temperature of the profile should generally not exceed 540℃, otherwise the surface quality of the material There will be a decline, the mold marks will be significantly heavier, and there may even be aluminum sticking, gravure, micro cracks and tears, etc. The last factor is the temperature and the degree of control.


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