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Operation steps before the large-scale cone calorimeter mahre is prepared for the experiment


The large cone calorimeter mahre is a very precise experimental instrument. A lot of preparatory work is needed during operation. If the preparatory work is not in place or the steps are omitted, the experimental instrument may be damaged. Sex, so you must be cautious when operating

cone calorimeter mahre

The large cone calorimeter mahre needs to prepare a sample according to the standard before starting up, and install the sample. Then you need to check whether the gas is sufficient, and if it is insufficient, you need to add gas in time. When in use, you need to turn on the device to warm up for two hours, and check that the device is working properly. In addition, fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing devices are required to be normal in order to prepare for fire extinguishing after the experiment is completed. Finally, according to the needs of the experiment, open the corresponding gas ball valve.

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