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Vibratory finishing machine standard for adding grinding fluid


When using vibratory finishing machine to polish workpieces, the addition of grinding fluid can not only improve efficiency, but also improve the smoothness and gloss of the surface of the workpiece. It can also be divided into various types according to the rolling requirements of various materials. The addition specifications are as follows:

1. The addition of grinding fluid is generally determined based on the water quality and cutting chips. If there are many hard cutting chips in water quality, then the amount of addition is more.

Vibratory finishing machine

2. Under normal conditions, the addition amount of vibratory finishing machine grinding liquid accounts for 6-10% of the inner volume of the tank, that is, 60-100 grams each time.

3. For the 30L centrifugal grinder, the capacity of each drum is 7.5L, the capacity utilization rate is 55%, and each drum can be added with 20 grams. The gloss is properly improved when the gloss is smooth.


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