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What happened to the cracks in the automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt?


General automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt cracks may be caused by the following reasons

    1. Due to the limitation of space size, the number of bending times of the conveyor belt will be more.
    2. The joint has been vulcanized more than twice for various reasons.

    3. Reasons for disconnection of automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt connector

    1. Generally, the diameter of the reversing roller is small, and the bending stress of the automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt is large.

automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt

    2. When the quality of the vulcanized joints of the conveyor belt is poor, especially if it has been vulcanized more than two times, the joint strength is significantly reduced, or the canvas layer is cut off or polished during glue bonding, and the strength is reduced here.

    3. For the conveyor that can be transported in reverse, because it can only be in one direction when it is lapped up and down, it is easy to be scratched by the sharp corners of some hard equipment on the belt.

    4. The working cycle of the conveyor is short, and the starting and stopping are frequent, resulting in large tension.

    The above is an introduction about the occurrence of cracks on the conveyor belt. I hope it will help you. If your automatic rotating hot pot conveyor belt is torn or cracked, you should stop the machine and check it immediately to find out the reason, and don't ignore it, so as not to expand the damage range.


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