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Automatic cnc lathe machine basically has the function of precision and accuracy


           Generally speaking, automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers have high processing accuracy in analyzing high-precision CNC lathes. The processing accuracy of automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers can generally reach 0.05-0.1MM. Automatic cnc lathe machine calculates accuracy with numbers. Each time the CNC device outputs a pulse signal, the moving parts of the machine will move a pulse equivalent (usually 0.001mm), and the CNC device will compensate for the average recoil and pitch errors of the machine's feed drive chain. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools is high.

            The initial machine tool is generally the machine tool of the automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturer. At the beginning, it was a general-purpose machine tool, but there were only some changes in the automatic transmission, tool holder or table and handle. Automatic cnc lathe machine manufacturers because of the large amount of cutting, the continuous processing of heat is very easy to affect the precision of the workpiece, and because of automatic control, it cannot be manually intervened at any time like ordinary machine tools in the processing.

automatic cnc lathe machine

            Therefore, its design requirements are stricter than that of general-purpose machine tools, and its manufacturing requirements are more precise. Therefore, in the design of automatic CNC lathes, many new measures have been taken to enhance rigidity, reduce thermal deformation and improve accuracy, so that the external shape, overall layout, transmission system and tool system of automatic CNC lathes have undergone great development Variety.

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