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Three-level maintenance system for livestock sorting equipment


The three-level maintenance includes: daily maintenance of the equipment, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. The three-level maintenance system is a mandatory maintenance system in which the operator is mainly responsible for the protection of the livestock sorting equipment and the warranty is important. The three-level maintenance system relies on the masses and gives full play to the enthusiasm of the masses. It implements an effective method of group management, group integration, and equipment maintenance.

livestock sorting equipment

Daily maintenance of the equipment, generally have daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also known as daily maintenance and weekly insurance.

1. Daily insurance
The daily maintenance is carried out by the equipment operators on duty, and the four things in front of the class, the five notes in the class and the four things in the class are earnestly carried out.

(1) Four things before the class Digest the pattern data and check the handover record. Wipe the equipment and lubricate as required. Check that the handle position and manual operation are correct and flexible, and that the safety device is reliable. Check the transmission for normal operation at low speed, and whether lubrication and cooling are smooth.

(2) Class 5 pay attention to the operation sound, equipment temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, safety insurance is normal.

(3) Four things after the shift Turn off the switch and put all the handles to zero. Remove iron filings, dirt, and clean the oil on the rail and sliding surfaces of the equipment and refuel. Clean the workplace, organize attachments and tools. Fill in the shift record and the record of the operation desk, and go through the handover procedure.

2. Weekly insurance
The weekly maintenance is carried out by the equipment operators every weekend. The maintenance time is: general equipment 2h, fine, large and rare equipment 4h.
(two) primary maintenance

The first-level maintenance is based on the operator, the maintenance worker assists, partially disassembles and inspects the equipment according to the plan, cleans the specified parts, clears the oil circuit, pipeline, replaces or cleans the oil line, felt, oil filter, and adjusts the various parts of the equipment. Fit the gaps and tighten the various parts of the equipment.

The time for primary maintenance is 4-8h. After the completion of the first maintenance, records should be made and the defects that have not been cleared should be recorded. The workshop mechanics will organize the acceptance. The scope of a guarantee shall be that the enterprise is fully equipped, and the key equipment shall be strictly implemented.

The main purpose of the first insurance is to reduce equipment wear, eliminate hidden dangers, extend the service life of the equipment, and provide equipment protection for the production tasks during the next insurance period.

3.Secondary maintenance
The secondary maintenance is mainly based on maintenance workers, and the operators are involved to complete. Secondary maintenance is included in the equipment maintenance plan, partial disassembly inspection and repair of the equipment, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil change, inspection and repair of electrical parts, so that the technical status of the equipment fully meets the requirements of the required equipment integrity standards. The time taken for secondary maintenance is about 7 days.

The three-level maintenance system highlights the status of maintenance in equipment management and planned maintenance work, and further clarifies the requirements of “three good” and “four meetings” for operators, and improves the knowledge and skills of operators to maintain equipment.

The three-level maintenance system broke through the relevant regulations of the former Soviet Union's planned pre-repair system, and improved some shortcomings in the planned pre-repair system, which is more realistic. In the implementation of the three-level maintenance system, he also learned to absorb some of the military's management of weapons, and emphasized the group management.

The three-level maintenance system has achieved good results and experience in the country, and the implementation of the three-level maintenance system has effectively improved the integrity of the equipment, reduced the equipment accident rate, extended the equipment overhaul cycle, and reduced the equipment maintenance period. Livestock sorting equipment overhaul costs have achieved good technical and economic results.

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