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What is the children's roller coaster?


Large-scale amusement facilities refer to facilities used for business purposes to carry passengers. The scope of the equipment is large. The maximum operating line speed is greater than or equal to 2m/s, or the running height is higher than or equal to 2m. Rides. Adults can bring children to play, or children can play by themselves. Popular large-scale amusement equipment includes children's roller coasters, bumper cars, and large pendulums.

Children's roller coaster is a stimulating entertainment tool. Jinbo Entertainment focuses on children's park operation services and children's entertainment, comprehensive coverage of popular and active operation services, and research and development to help children grow and improve the children's playground. Amusement facilities. A perfect combination of popularity, activities, entertainment, and parenting.

At present, roller coasters have spread throughout domestic playgrounds. Up to now, Jinbo Entertainment has construction projects in more than 100 large-scale playgrounds nationwide. Successfully started the popularity and reputation of domestic brands.

The children's roller coaster is an entertainment and amusement equipment introduced by Jinbo Entertainment. As a kind of entertainment and leisure facilities, the children's children are familiar with the cute shape, colorful, the roller coaster track with rich theme scenes and the roller coaster comfort speed acceptable to school-age children. Favor. It is not only a fashionable family activity, but also a healthy place for social groups, friends, and leisure after school. It can cultivate people's confidence and courage to be motivated and challenged. It is also becoming a profitable and popular theme for children. The main force.
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