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The Use of NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel


The wireline coring core barrel is a drilling method for drilling the core from the drill pipe without lifting the drill. It has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, good rock core quality, long bit life and low labor intensity. In actual work, the environment in which the rope drill is used is relatively harsh. Q series wireline core barrel have the advantages of simple structure, less wearing parts and high core-taking rate. The correct use of Q series wireline core barrel can reduce costs and improve work efficiency.
NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel
Application range
(1) Geological conditions

NQ rope core drilling tools can be used to drill a variety of formations and work best in hard rock formations in grades 6-9. Under the current technical conditions, it is generally not advisable to drill l0~12 grade rock, especially the extremely hard rock with dense rock structure and fine particles without grinding. When drilling into the above rock, the drill bit is extremely easy to wear, the drilling efficiency is extremely low, and the superiority of the NQ wireline coring core barrel cannot be fully utilized.
(2) Drilling depth
NQ rope core drilling tools can be used in shallow holes (100 ~ 300 m) and deep holes. The deeper the drilling, the better the economic and technical effect. The maximum depth of the NQ wireline coring core barrel should be judged according to the strength of the drill rod.
(3) Bit life
The NQ rope is used for core drilling. If the drill bit used is short in life and the drill bit is often drilled during the drilling process, it is easy to lose the meaning of using the core to drill.

Use of NQ rope core drilling tools
1. Relevant technical data

(1) Drilling pressure. The NQ wireline core barrel is the bottom lip of the drill bit, which is larger than the bottom lip of the ordinary diamond drill bit (about l/4), and the required drilling pressure is increased by 25%.
(2) Speed. The rotational speed can be calculated according to the rounding speed of the ordinary diamond drill bit, but the drilling depth should be considered.
(3) Pump volume. Because the NQ wireline core barrel has a small annular gap and the bottom lip of the drill bit is large, the pump volume is calculated according to the consumption of the flushing liquid in the unit of the bottom lip of the drill bit, which is slightly larger than that of the ordinary diamond drilling.
2. Selection of rinse solution
Due to the small annulus between the NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel and the hole wall, and the inner tube needs to be lowered through the center of the drill pipe column, water and lubricant should be used as the flushing liquid when the formation conditions permit. . Such as: polyacrylamide rinse, water glass rinse, etc. without solid phase rinse. When the drilled formation cannot use clean water as the rinsing liquid, the NQ rope core drilling still needs to use mud as the rinsing liquid. The characteristics of NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel, the mud used in drilling should have the characteristics of low viscosity, low relative density, fast sanding, good fluidity and anti-mite performance.
The above is an introduction to the use of NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel from PEERCHEER. If you need it, please contact us.

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