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China and Japan have not forgotten the original purpose of the G20


China, Japan and the United States will be the countries most in the spotlight at the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.The Osaka G20 is the first time that Japan has hosted the G20. Japan hopes to use this meeting to do more in the field of global governance. And this will promote some global issues including WTO reform, the digital economy and womens employment.

In the previous G20 ministerial meeting, the IMF managing director Lagarde said the recent trade frictions may lead to a 0.5% reduction in 2020 in GDP according to the IMFs estimation. And this may cause losses of $455 billion. At G20 summit in Osaka, some countries and international institutions also showed their concerns about the global trade friction drag on the economic growth. Japan wants to be the saviour of the G20 and globalization. China also express that it will firmly hold the multilateralism and bring the global economy back to track. About the key issues such as WTO reform, the digital economy and womens employment, China also has good expectations for this meeting.

The G20 was born in the period of the financial crisis in 2008. It is a innovation mechanism to promote coordination among countries and promote the in-depth development of globalization. In the face of crisis, the G20 has defused countries strategic suspicions, prevented countries from taking unilateral trade protectionist measures, and prevented the economic crisis from turning into a political crisis.

The main innovation of the G20 is to adjust the voice of developing countries and developed countries, the US and other countries in global economic governance. This will help democratize global economic governance and enable China, Japan and other countries to play a greater role in promoting globalization.

In fact, China and Japan have indeed become great contributors to globalization since the birth of the G20. China and Japan have not forgotten the original purpose and mission of the G20. They both hope to steer successfully through the waves of American first and populism at the Osaka G 20 summit.

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