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Smart Art Education Group attend the National Art Education Association

2020-03-09 海讯社

At the National Art Education Association (NAEA), Smart Art Education Group, which represents China, brought a set of art installations that made the world dazzling, in the light of the spotlight on the spot. The map of China, made up of more than 500 children's paintings, has given many well-known global art education celebrities the word "long-term insight."


In the honeycomb device, which symbolizes the cells, there are art paintings independently created by children from different parts of China, all of which are gathered together. On the front, it is a staggering map of China, and when it is shuttling among them, It is a fresh exhibition of paintings, as if in the inner world of children to feel their natural creativity and imagination. At the beginning of the exhibition, numerous attendees stopped and watched, even becoming the only area in the audience that required long queues to visit. Dennis, the chief educational officer of the National Society of Art Education, came to the Chinese exhibition area and was given artistic expression by Chinese children. Shocked, "Wow, this is a map of China. That's great!" They are using perception to conceive, they are painting with imagination "! Other visitors from China marvel: "Smart Art is really the pride of China!"

Each painting has a special story behind it, dipped in each child's love of life, expression of emotion, and feelings of art, according to Mr. Wu Zhi, founder of the Smart Art Education Group. Each work is an art cell, children's creativity needs to be activated, their self-confidence first stems from strong national self-confidence. Children's artistic imagination, can not only be empty, but also derived from daily life, let them find art in life, let art affect their lives. Through such a collision between the Chinese art education model and the world art education model, the world will have a better understanding of China. The world proves a more world-wide China.

At the same time, at the exhibition site, the white paper "SMART Education" in China received the attention of teachers all over the world, and they lined up one after another to receive it. "our country does not systematically summarize and introduce the concept of education, so this is too valuable," said a 20-year-old American primary school teacher.

While the art installation representing the imagination of contemporary Chinese children is stunning, Guo Yaru, a teacher of the Smart Art Education Group, who represents China's innovative children's art education, has once again conquered the attendees. During the three-day NAEA conference, more than 5000 art educators and more than 1000 theme events were presented intensively. In the brilliant collision of ideas, the keynote speech "from the past to the Future" attracted much attention. This is a concept upgrading from Chinese traditional culture to modern aesthetic education. It is also the focus of the topic of showing Chinese traditional aesthetics and modern art education in the global art education platform. . Teacher Guo Yaru, a guest speaker, especially introduced that in this speech, she will restore the Smart Art curriculum scene to weave the Chinese knot as a starting point, open the window of children's imagination, so that traditional culture can be touched and perceptible. And through the children's unique imagination into the art of life, with brushes to draw the heart of the picture. Let the Chinese knot, the element representing Chinese traditional culture, bring out the inheritance and future of Chinese art education. The audience at the scene actively participated in the interaction, and picked up the flower rope and learned to weave the Chinese knot in person, and in the various Chinese knots, It also shows their sense of the past and future of Chinese traditional culture and art education. Receive and understand. A traditional Chinese cultural element from the ancient East, combined with modern art literacy education, which shows the aesthetic style and artistic thinking, so that the world art education circles are impressed.

The "SMART" education model of SMART also refreshes the cognition, rediscovery and awareness of the concept of the aesthetic education and the course system from China, which is the core of the "STEAM" education. In the past, China is no longer a conservative and rigid one, and the "fence" between the subject and the art, the art and the life, the school and the family can be broken, And provides a more comprehensive comprehensive quality-oriented education for children.

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