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Zhengjiu's Distillery Equipments bring exciting innovations to the craft beer industry at CBCE 2023


Zhengjiu Machinery Manufacturing Factory was invited to participate the Asia International Craft Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE 2023) held in Shanghai. The event brought together a diverse range of exhibitors, including equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, craft breweries, packaging companies, magazines, and training providers, both domestic and international. The showcased new products and technologies at the exhibition garnered praise and reinforced the immense potential of the industry.


CBCE showcased the latest advancements and trends in the brewing industry, providing a platform for exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge offerings. The exhibition highlighted the creativity and innovation that are driving the craft beer market forward. From state-of-the-art brewing equipment to novel ingredients and packaging solutions, the event demonstrated the industry's commitment to excellence.


Amidst the exhibitors, Zhengjiu Machinery's booth stood out with its impressive display of column stills and pot stills, especially for distillery turnkey solutions,capturing the attention of industry professionals. The Technology Summit Forum on Brewing Trends and brewing technology equipment invited EBC Executive Committee member Tiago to share the latest trends in European brewing technology, Representatives of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Bart Haas (Beijing) Trading Co., LTD., Yakimar Hops Co., LTD., Anton Paar (Shanghai) Trading Co., LTD., AEB Group, Krones AG, Talos Technology Co., LTD., etc. were invited to discuss the brewing raw materials, technology, equipment and other technical fields of craft brewing to energize the craft brewing industry. Explore the future of brewing technology together.


Zhengjiu Machinery was also invited to publish a market analysis and feasibility report, presented during the high-level forums, focused on upgrading craft breweries into whiskey distilleries. The analysis shed light on the challenges facing the beer industry and their impact on the stable growth of breweries. It also touched upon the prevailing market dynamics within the distillation equipment industry, where the presence of substandard equipments poses a threat to quality and innovation. The report emphasized the need for branding and the development of turnkey distillery projects to ensure high-quality production. Additionally, the establishment of reliable platforms throughout the supply chain was highlighted as crucial for the industry's sustainable growth.


The brewing industry faces a range of challenges that can hinder the stable development of breweries. Furthermore, Distillery equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises must actively respond to the current market problems, characterized by inferior equipment and the dominance of alcoholic products. It is imperative for both industries to advance along the path of branding and focus on turnkey distillery projects. By prioritizing product quality assurance, breweries can produce high-quality alcohol that meet the expectations of discerning brewers. Equipment manufacturers, on the other hand, should foster collaboration and build platforms that facilitate seamless operations throughout the industry.


The CBCE exhibition has shed light on the current state of the brewing industry and highlighted the need for positive changes. It has provided a platform for exhibitors to showcase their innovations and discuss the future trajectory of the industry. The event's success has reinforced the potential for growth and development within the craft beer sector, paving the way for further advancements and opportunities.


As we reflect on the highlights of CBCE, it is evident that the brewing industry is poised for a transformative journey. By embracing branding strategies, ensuring product quality, and fostering collaboration between equipment manufacturers and breweries, the craft beer industry can move towards a sustainable and prosperous future.


About Zhengjiu Machinery:

Zhengjiu Machinery is a well-known brewing and distilling equipment manufacturer located in Hangzhou, China, covering an area of 16,000 square meters, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the brewery and distillery industry. By focusing on quality, innovation and seamless project execution, Zhengjiu Machinery has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, UKCA certification, EPR certification and other certificates. Through 10 years of experience, we have established successful cases in many breweries and breweries in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Peru, etc., and has a team of engineers to provide global technical service support.


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