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Xinhua Silk Road: High quality, openness and cooperation highlighted for E.China Anhui's future dev. at roundtable

2020-10-26 HAIXUNPRESS

BEIJING, Oct. 26, 2020 /HAIXUNPRESS/ -- A roundtable on high-quality development was held Friday in Hefei Changfeng (Shuangfeng) economic development zone in east China's Anhui Province, highlighting high quality, openness and cooperation for development zones as well as Anhui's future development.

Anhui Development Zones Roundtable on High-quality Development was held on Friday in Hefei Changfeng (Shuangfeng) economic development zone in east China's Anhui Province

Anhui Development Zones Roundtable on High-quality Development was held on Friday in Hefei Changfeng (Shuangfeng) economic development zone in east China's Anhui Province

Discussions heated up over issues such as international cooperation park construction, open cooperation, scientific and technological innovation as well as regional development after keynote speeches delivered by Guan Rong, secretary general with China Association of Development Zones, and executive vice chairman of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development zone innovation development alliance, as well as representatives from Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Suzhou Industrial Park, Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area and Changfeng (Shuangfeng) Economic Development Zone.

The roundtable introduced that Anhui provides an open platform that features well-structured industries and sound business environment thus having its edge, potential and confidence in terms of international cooperation and high-quality development.

Uplifting development standards, promoting two-way openness, pursuing innovative upgrades and refined business environment as well as seeking new development advantages and better industry development were also emphasized at the roundtable for Anhui's future development.

Convened by Department of Commerce of east China's Anhui Province, China Council For International Investment Promotion, International Business Daily and the county government of Changfeng, the roundtable was attended by commerce department officials, institutions representatives, foreign commerce association representatives as well as foreign business representatives from economic development zones.

The roundtable also witnessed the awarding ceremony of the first batch of international cooperation industrial parks as well as the awarding ceremony for national-level green ecological park.

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