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Woven Bag


Laminated woven bag belongs to a choice of reprocessing process after weaving into cloth, is the plastic film after coated with adhesive, and woven bags are heated and bonded together with high pressure, forming a double layer of plastic in one product.
Product applications: knowledge-based advertising bags, gift-based advertising bags, commemorative advertising bags, simple advertising bags, trend-based advertising bags, antique advertising bags, home storage bags, moving tote bags.
Yongtian Technology laminated non-woven bags features: carry handle reinforcement, multi-strand nylon stitching reinforcement, firm quality and good load-bearing capacity.

Product material: non-woven fabric
Product advantages: woven bags have a high impact resistance, their own strong nature, resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion. In the industrial world has a wide range of applications, is usually one of the common high score materials, wide use, wide impact, different products are not the same woven packaging, with diverse product characteristics. Large capacity, waterproof and moisture-proof, foldable, quality assurance.
Storage scenes: travel storage, makeup storage, desktop storage, bedroom storage, bathroom storage, living room storage, planter storage.

Yunnan Yongtian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, a private enterprise mainly engaged in the production of non-woven fabrics and non-woven coated travel bags. Product processes include film blowing, injection molding, film covering, etc. There is a professional R&D team for machine manufacturing, as well as the R&D and innovation capabilities of products. The products involve packaging bags for agricultural products used for flowers, fresh, dehydrated vegetables, fresh fruits, transportation and storage. There are also rose net covers, OPP membrane pinhole bags and non-woven fresh cut flower bags independently innovated and developed, all of which won the utility model patent certificate in 2007 and were widely promoted and applied. With the implementation of the global plastic ban order and environmental protection requirements, in 2015, our company's main production materials gradually changed from plastic film to non-woven fabric, and developed rapidly. The products sold well both inside and outside the province, and the supply was short of demand. By 2017, the annual output will reach more than 800 tons. For better development, the company invested in the production line of non-woven coating bags in 2020, and formed a one-stop service of "non-woven production → non-woven coating → slicing → bag making → sales". The company has non-woven coating, fresh fruit insulation bags, seafood bags and other products.
The company has always adhered to the concept of starting from the source of product quality. The company's employees are united to produce high-quality and qualified products that customers need.


Haiyan Li




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