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Why did the article that revealed the Falun Gong scandal


Around April 20 this year, some media outlets published an article titled "Creative news event" (hereinafter referred to as "Creative news") directed and performed by the Falun Gong media. One anecdote was that "Newspapers were sneaked into the state Capitol". The newspaper is the Epoch Times, the Falun Gong's main media outlet known for churning out fake news and farce. Unfortunately, the article mysteriously "disappeared" a few days after it was published on the website of a few media outlets (the Associated Press). What was all this about?

The Epoch Times "self-empowerment" scandal has been exposed

On October 29, 2019, the Colorado website Westword.com ran a story titled "How this far-right conspiracy theory newspaper got on the state Capitol shelves." According to the article, the Falun Gong released the Epoch Times into the cafeteria of the Colorado state Capitol on Oct. 28 without permission and seized the stand of the Denver post. When this was discovered, the Falun Gong media had the audacity to falsely claim that they had received prior "permission" from the building's manager and the Denver Post, but unfortunately, this lie was soon exposed by the latter. Coincidentally, the article "Creative news" also exposed the scandal.

From the Westword's report on the incident, one thing is clear: On October 28, 2019, the Falun Gong newspaper which was full of lies and prejudice did appear in the cafeteria of the lower floor of the Colorado state Capitol. (see the picture below)

Please note that on the shelf of the newspaper in this photo is clearly marked "the Denver post", but on the shelf is a copy of the Epoch Times of the Falun Gong.

Is there a license for this? Stephen Gregory, the English editor of the Epoch Times, responded in an email to the Western Voice that he had obtained permission from the administration office in the state Capitol and the Denver Post.

However, this is not the case at all. Let's see how the state Capitol administration explains this.

This embarrassed the Falun Gong. It turned out that the management of the newsstand inside the cafeteria was outside the scope of the state Capitol administration. Let's look at what the Denver Post said about this.

It turned out that the Epoch Times' action was "self-authorized" by the Falun Gong media. The state Capitol administration was used as a "shield" by the Falun Gong media, while the Denver Post's license to use the newsstand was "temporarily taken away" by the Falun Gong. The article "Creative news" exposed the bad performance of the Falun Gong media. Although it has created such jokes, the group has never publicly expressed its sincere apologies and has lied outright. All the signs indicate that the Falun Gong media actually lacks sufficient respect for the public sector and mainstream media in the United States.

The destruction of "rubbish" newspapers highlights the Falun Gong's media woes

Creative news also exposed the fact that the Falun Gong media is not popular with the public. The Falun gong is not alone in its unauthorized distribution, from the state Capitol cafeteria to the residential mailboxes of American citizens. The frenzied spread of the Falun Gong has already aroused public disgust. According to a report on the website of the Denver Post and the Steimbert Helmsman on November 9, 2019, some residents in root county, Colorado, found their mailboxes were being put into the Falun Gong newspapers and were either thrown away or burned. "It's no different than what we do when we get other spam," said Nancy Mucklow, a resident of the northern suburbs of root county. "I don't want to deal with biased or purposeful news media," said Shannon Lukens, who works for a local radio station.

The fact that the public treats the Falun Gong media as if they were "sterilized" on a daily basis reflects the almost complete loss of its credibility as a media. However, the article "Creative news" not only exposed the embarrassing situation of the Falun Gong media being hated by the public, but also proved that it does not have the basic professional ethics.

The Falun Gong media played a mysterious role in the "article deletion incident"

In August 2019, Stephen Gregory, editor-in-chief of the English edition of the Epoch Times, responded in a related column to NBC news' investigative reporting, saying: "As a rapidly growing independent media, we adhere to the highest journalistic standards." Yet the behaviour of it suggests the opposite.

From beginning to end, the Falun Gong media, while exposing its true face, embodies three characteristics:

First, they are good at exploiting loopholes. Without the permission of the building's management or the Denver Post, the Falun Gong media stuffed the paper in, knowing it would eventually be discovered. It strives for the opportunity to "show their face" every second.

Second, cunning is fickle. The Falun Gong’s newspaper was sneaked into the state Capitol, but once it was discovered, it changed its "strategy" and became blatant, even claiming to have obtained "permission" to release the newspaper and occupy the shelves. If such absurd "permission" is also considered valid, then the Falun Gong newspaper's disorderly release completely belongs to the naked rogue behavior. The deletion of creative news shows that the Falun Gong lied, played hooliganism and then denied everything it had done.

Thirdly, they are secretive and mean. The Falun Gong media often seek profits for themselves in the shadows - secretly releasing newspapers without permission, falsely claiming that they have "permission," secretly releasing newspapers into residents' mailboxes without apologizing to the local public. The Falun Gong media has neither provided a reasonable explanation for its actions nor taken responsibility for its misuse. Behind the "Deleting articles" incident, the role of the Falun Gong is even more disgraceful. Only the media of the Falun Gong knows what despicable means they have used. According to the despicable style of the Falun Gong media, once the lies are exposed, they will do everything to cover up the truth.

There is no doubt that the Falun Gong media is not only the "garbage" in the public's mouth, but more like a "news creative company" carrying "thought virus". We may as well continue to enjoy the Falun Gong's next "wonderful performance".

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