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Torch Cloud ARTC Open Ecosystem World Premiere


According to TorchCloud (Torch Cloud) official announcement, ARTC was launched at 18:18 pm on December 26, 2020, presenting the world's first "AI intelligent four-dimensional spatial variable algorithm" in a global perspective! Relying on the top technology and good comprehensive market capabilities of the American computing power laboratory and DEFI technical team, we are committed to creating a decentralized big data value economic ecology!

ARTC is the original incentive mechanism in the torch cloud ecology, and its continuous circulation is conducive to the emergence of globalization of the torch cloud ecology! The powerful underlying blockchain technology enables the application layer, function layer, and technology layer to enable various application scenarios, in DEFI mining, shopping malls, hash games, lending, options, finance, public welfare, data confirmation, data mining, Consensus obtained in applications such as payment circulation and asset trading is the strategic basis for the torch cloud service field!

The torch relay plan, the torch energy card plan, the torch messenger plan, the torch leader plan and other community consensus promotion mechanisms are committed to the sustainable development of the big data intelligent ecosystem, realize the sustainable use of resources, and promote the multi-party collaboration and community win-win model The development of industrial ecology! The torch relay plan will be officially launched at 20:18 pm on December 28, 2020!

TorchCloud is committed to creating a global consensus on digital model algorithms. With solid technology, perfect circular ecology, innovative market mechanism, wealth is available at your fingertips, and income is stable and long-term, which will surely create a brilliant application of blockchain ecology !

TorchCloud (Torch Cloud) first launched in Southeast Asia, simultaneously issued in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China, 

Apple download link :http://www.betaqr.vip/arclub

 Android download link :https://app.kuaixiaosc168.com/artc 

Synchronous start all over the world, first code [6379371]

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