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TRON RedBull Smart Contract officially launched globally on January 10

2021-01-05 Buffalonews

Tron RedBull will launch the main chain of TRON on January 10, 2021!

With the vigorous development of TRON and the industry ecological community, digital assets as a carrier link all ecological users. With the continuous growth of the industry and the continuous enrichment of transaction methods, the majority of participants and users have become more decentralized. Financial services put forward more abundant and precise requirements.

In this context, Tron RedBull TRON Red Bull came into being. TRON Red Bull will use a unique method and decentralization feature to make trust no longer a problem, so that humans can enjoy complete, convenient and decentralized digital asset financial services. Tron RedBull TRON Red Bull will be officially launched on January 10, 2021, and can now be accessed through TRON Red Bull DAPP.

TRON Red Bull is a smart contract established on the TRON network, a decentralized project running on the TRON public chain, and an innovative model of decentralized financial technology. It is used to establish a fund pool based on the supply and demand changes of TRON assets and calculate the interest rate by algorithm.

Currently operating in many overseas countries, the domestic market is still a blue ocean market, and it is the most popular international project chain smart contract. The real blockchain smart contract DApp is the golden age of investment.

All procedural rules of TRON Red Bull are deployed on the (TRON Coin) public chain, which cannot be tampered with artificially; TRX is in and TRX is out, which solves the problems of traditional financial projects that worry about bosses running away, shutting down the network, and policy harmony; financial transparency to global players Public announcement, to solve the concerns of promoters and investors; withdrawals are made by smart contracts in seconds, there is no regional time limit, and withdrawals can be made around the world for 24 hours; no real name is required to enter, no personal information is required, personal information is safe, no cash , Gold flow is safe.

TRON takes the promotion of Internet decentralization as its mission and is committed to building infrastructure for the decentralized Internet, so it has great credibility. TRON Red Bull's revenue model is balanced and coordinated to allow the project to continue, benign and healthy; the public chain runs without bosses, traders, and technology directly connects to the market, avoiding human interference; TRON Red Bull can pass scientific algorithms and advanced revenue mechanisms , To help users get the biggest bonus in the currency circle and easily cross the bulls and bears!


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