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Sliding Windows (80A series, 90 series)


A window, in architectural terms, is a hole in a wall or roof built to allow light or air to enter the room.
Sliding windows: Sliding windows are divided into horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows depending on the direction of sliding. Horizontal sliding windows require rail grooves above and below the sash, while vertical sliding windows should have pulleys and balancing measures. Sliding windows have the advantage of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economic price and better sealing. The use of high-grade slide rail, a gentle push, open flexible. With a large piece of glass, not only to increase the indoor lighting, but also to improve the overall appearance of the building. The force of the window is good and not easy to damage, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent.
With the development of construction technology and the improvement of human living standards, the construction of windows has become increasingly complex to meet the higher thermal requirements. Window materials can be divided into three categories - plastic, aluminum, and wood. Each of the three has its own strengths.
Application scenarios: the construction of buildings in daily life, as well as the customization of doors and windows for large-scale projects (houses, neighborhoods, student apartments, shopping malls).

Sliding window : There are two kinds of sliding windows: left and right, up and down, and this product is sliding on both sides. Along the track to the left and right side open, beautiful appearance, economic price, better sealing, low noise, the use of high-grade slide, open flexible, with the advantages of not occupying indoor space.
Advantages: Sliding windows are equipped with pulleys to slide the sash on the track on the window frame, the advantage of this window is that the window does not occupy extra space regardless of the state of the switch, and the construction is also relatively simple. Sliding windows are generally most suitable for tall buildings of more than two stories, because the opening method is push-pull, not like casement windows, the window is outside, in order to avoid the window of falling objects event sliding windows are most suitable for tall buildings.
Disadvantages: The disadvantage is that at most only 50% of the window can be opened, closed when the airtightness is poor. In recent years there are improved sliding windows with new technology, which can push more than one sash to one side of the fold, while also improving the airtightness of the sliding window, but overall still can not reach the thermal performance of casement windows, energy consumption is high, so in advanced countries rarely use this window.
This product is a customized product, product specifications can be made according to the actual order (for example: 150cm*180cm). The wall thickness of main profile is 1.4mm.

Established in 1994, Yuxi Jincheng Door & Window Co., Ltd. is a technical service enterprise integrating design, production, production and installation. The company is located in No.91 Taiji Road, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, with a registered capital of 4.2 million RMB and a total factory area of 12,000 square meters, with a professional design team and management team. Our company adopts advanced high-precision production line for doors and windows, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 square meters. We have the second-level qualification of professional contracting of building decoration and renovation engineering, safety production license and famous trademark of Yunnan Province issued by the provincial construction department. Jincheng people, in line with the service concept of consumer-oriented, have gained the trust of consumers with professional design and attentive service. In order to serve the society better, Jincheng people will cherish this trust and keep striving hard. Our company is committed to the new type of products, high-end promotion at the same time to increase the environmental performance of the product, the project selection of well-known brands Guangdong Foshan "Aomei", Zhaoqing "Yalu", "Hongta ", "Ruitai" aluminum profiles: Guangdong "Dekasi" aluminum profiles are used for home decoration. The aluminum alloy doors and windows launched by our company, its energy saving, environmental protection, sealing, heat preservation, sound insulation, wind pressure resistance and corrosion resistance and many other properties.
The company team is experienced and skilled, and has the ability to undertake various door and window projects. Professional installation team and perfect after-sales service system, so that you can enjoy thoughtful service without leaving home.
Jincheng doors and windows in line with your "hand in hand to create a great career together to enjoy the abundance of" the win-win concept, is willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, common development, and create a happy and beautiful home.


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