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Since ONP launched the liquidity mining policy on January 21, 2021,

2021-01-26 BTC Dally

Since ONP launched the liquidity mining policy on January 21, 2021, the 48-hour-accumulated liquidity-pool pledge volume has exceeded USD 1,000,000. According to the latest news, the entire aggregated decentralized oracle network - ONP (Oracle Network Protocol) has kicked off the liquidity mining policy upon Uniswap Exchange on January 21, 2021. And the total 48-hour accumulated liquidity pool has been more than USD 1,000,000.  


ONP (OracleNetworkProtocol) is an aggregated decentralized oracle network based on the theories of Chainlink and Bandprotocol, which can realize safe, smooth and high-efficiency information-data interconnections between block-chain and the reality, as well as better intercommunications among multiple public-chain intelligence contracts, such as ETH, EOS and TRX through a series of cross-chain technologies. In addition to providing stable interconnections upon multiple-chain sectors in data and information, ONP can also provide infinite verifiable decentralized data oracles and oracle-computing services for the existing mainstream block-chain sectors, as well as offer corresponding unlimited verifiable computing capacities. Actually, it has played positive roles in multiple sectors, inclusive of the field of Defi, in terms of multi-data source, data security, data cost, privacy protection and many other aspects. In case of more data demanders to ONP, the total ONP pledge volume would increase and corresponding market value would also be on-increase accordingly. As for market value, oracle can be said one important economic bandwidth. Along with the expanding economic bandwidth and the enhancing security level, ONP would accommodate more data demands. Driven by multiple data demands, more oracle nodes would enter more sectors and make the current ONP-data sources more abundant and more reliable for further forming an entire mutually-promoting and constantly improving benign ecology. Nowadays, ONP has been exploring a brand-new off-chain data-aggregation mode for purpose of making total cost lower and more economical. At the same time, corresponding ONP public-chain version has also being developed as so to construct more oracle protocols fit for multi-chain sectors and cross-chain ones in more flexible and efficient manner in future. And it’s believed that all of them would support more data services around multiple block-chain ecosystems, including Ethernet, EOS and Wave Field.


Official Website of ONP: https://onp.cool/?referrer=

Contract Address: 0xC8ccc82aA66193f8Ab957859198F086E0e29d02d

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