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Servo Motor DH09


A servo mechanism is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity such as position, orientation, and state of an object to follow any change in the input target (or a given value). Servo mainly relies on pulses to position, basically, it can be understood that the servo motor receives 1 pulse, it will rotate 1 pulse corresponding to the angle, so as to realize the displacement, because, the servo motor itself has the function of sending out pulses, so the servo motor will send out the corresponding number of pulses for each rotation angle, so that, and the pulse received by the servo motor forms an echo, or closed loop, in this way, the The system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor and how many pulses are received back at the same time, so that it can control the rotation of the motor very precisely and thus achieve accurate positioning, which can reach 0.001mm. DC servo motors are divided into brushed and brushless motors. Brush motor is low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide speed range, easy to control, requires maintenance, but maintenance is not convenient (changing carbon brushes), generates electromagnetic interference, and has environmental requirements. Therefore it can be used in cost-sensitive general industrial and civil applications.
Brushless motor is small in size, light in weight, large output, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation and stable torque. The control is complex, easy to realize intelligent, and its electronic phase change is flexible, can be square wave phase change or sine wave phase change. The motor is maintenance-free, with high efficiency, low operating temperature, low electromagnetic radiation, long life, and can be used in various environments.

Servo motor (servo motor) is an engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in a servo system, and is a subsidized motor indirect variable speed device.
Servo motor can control the speed, position accuracy is very accurate, and can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object. Servo motor rotor speed is controlled by the input signal and can respond quickly, used as an executive element in automatic control systems, and has the characteristics of small electromechanical time constant and high linearity, and can convert the electrical signal received into the angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. It is divided into two categories: DC and AC servo motors, whose main characteristics are that there is no self rotation when the signal voltage is zero, and the speed decreases uniformly with the increase of torque.

Sichuan Amke Servo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established on the basis of the former Sichuan Dongfang Digital Drive Co., Ltd. controlled by China Dongfang Electric Group. Since 1994, it has been engaged in the design, production and sales of AC servo systems and variable frequency motors. It has successively provided AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motors (systems) for artillery follow-up systems for naval ships. In 1995, it entered into a joint venture with German AMK, introduced German AMK AC servo motor technology, and produced DH series AC servo motors that meet AMK technical standards. Spindle motor and DV series AC asynchronous servo feed motor.
In recent years, Sichuan Aimke Servo Technology Co., Ltd. has designed the AC asynchronous servo spindle motor with exposed iron core by digesting, absorbing and innovating the imported technology, and has produced the same power in China (especially the power of 18.5KW). Above) AC asynchronous servo spindle motor with the lightest weight and smallest volume, the performance is synchronized with the international. The company's motors can be equipped with AMK original imported drives, and can also be matched with other top brand drives at home and abroad. In addition, the company has developed high-speed AC permanent magnet servo spindle motor.
The company now produces DH series AC asynchronous servo spindle motors and SD series AC asynchronous servo drives, whose product performance is at the best domestic level and synchronized with the international level. In addition, the company has developed DHS and DHSG series double base speed servo spindle motors with the same technical level as FANUC-αiIp, αiIT, αIiI (with low-speed winding, high-speed winding) series through nearly two years of technical research and development. And obtained the national patent, and developed the SDS series servo driver matched with the DHS and DHSG series two-speed servo spindle motors. The produced two-speed servo spindle motor and its supporting servo driver have been successfully used in the CNC vertical lathe of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. The company has strong technical development strength. It has a technology research and development team with experts who enjoy the State Council allowance as scientific research leaders, and a stable and skilled workforce, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's development.


Liao Yiting



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