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Safety Sign Aluminum Plate+reflective Film ( Support Customization )


Application scenario: The signboard shall be set at a conspicuous place related to safety, so that everyone can have enough time to pay attention to its contents after seeing it. Environmental information signs should be set at the entrances and eye-catching places of relevant places; Local information signs shall be set up at the corresponding dangerous locations or eye-catching places near the equipment (components) involved. All units shall set up safety warning boards and billboards on the walls and columns in the plant. Obvious safety warnings shall be set up at key dangerous posts and accident prone areas. Signs include mechanical transmission parts in the production and working places, electrical facilities, flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances, inclined (straight) steel ladders, guardrails Escalators and other places and other workplaces where it is necessary to remind people to pay attention to safety shall be provided with safety warnings and signboards.

Installation position of safety signs
(1) Prevent hazardous accidents. First of all, all signs must be installed in a location that is not harmful to people.
(2) Visibility, the selection of the installation location of the sign is very important. The information displayed on the sign should not only be correct, but also clear and readable for all observers.
(3) Mounting height. Generally, the sign should be installed at a slightly higher horizontal line of sight of the observer, but in some cases it is appropriate to place it at other horizontal positions.
(4) Danger and warning signs. The danger and warning signs shall be set far enough in front of the hazard source to ensure that the observer has enough time to see the sign for the first time and notice the danger. The distance varies with different situations.
For example, signs warning not to touch switches or other electrical equipment should be set near them, while signs on large factory areas or transport roads should be set far enough in front of the dangerous area to ensure that such warnings can be observed before reaching the dangerous area, so as to be prepared.

The functions of safety signs are: warning, warning, alert, prohibition and indication. It is mainly used in the places where enterprises produce or work safely. According to Safety Signs and Guidelines for Their Use (GB2894-2008), safety signs: signs used to express specific safety information, consisting of graphical symbols, safety colors, geometric shapes (frames) or words. Safety signs are used to warn workers of the dangerous conditions in the workplace or the surrounding environment and guide people to take reasonable actions. Safety signs can remind workers to prevent danger, so as to avoid accidents; When danger occurs, people can be instructed to escape as soon as possible, or they can be instructed to take correct, effective and effective measures to contain the danger. The type of safety signs should not only be consistent with the warning content, but also the location should be correct and reasonable, otherwise it will be difficult to really give full play to its warning role.

Material advantages of safety signs:
1. Exterior super durable marking materials; High hardness and strong weather resistance., It is resistant to strong corrosion and can be used in extremely harsh environments such as high temperature and salt spray; Applicable temperature: - 40 ° C-400 ° C; Durable; Average service life of 5-10 years; The round corner is designed and equipped with reserved holes for installation, which is convenient for installation.
2. Reflective film is a safety protection product made of reflective materials, which can produce strong reflective effect under certain light source illumination, providing the most effective and reliable safety guarantee for pedestrians in the dark or night operation personnel.
Reflective film is a kind of PVC film with special structure that can reflect light back to the light source based on optical principle. It is composed of film layer, micro glass bead layer, focusing layer, reflective layer, adhesive layer and peeling layer with good weather resistance.
Main quality identification points of reflective film: film material, reflective coefficient of glass bead, cloth bead rate, dead bead rate, color uniformity, weather resistance, adhesive layer viscosity, etc.
The reflective film is divided into diamond grade, high-strength grade, engineering grade and economic grade.
Reflective film is mainly used for guide signs and signs of various highways and railways, safety signs of mines and airports, stage settings, trademarks, land nameplates, license plates, etc.

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