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SWF Low Noise Mixed Flow Fan


Mixed-flow fan is a fan between the axial fan and centrifugal fan, mixed-flow fan impeller allows the air to do both centrifugal movement and axial movement, the movement of the air in the shell mixed axial and centrifugal forms of movement, so called "mixed-flow". Mixed-flow (oblique flow) fan, wind pressure coefficient than the axial fan, the flow coefficient than the centrifugal fan, used in wind pressure and flow are "not too small" occasions. It fills the gap between the axial fan and centrifugal fan. SWF series mixed-flow fan is included in the national "Star and Fire" project, which has the characteristics of larger air volume than centrifugal fan, higher air pressure than axial fan, and can be installed axially; the majority of users give a high evaluation of low noise, power consumption, wide efficiency zone, easy installation and use, and reliable operation.

Fan features

1. Compact structure, easy installation and reliable operation. The fan is smaller than axial flow type or centrifugal type in the case of the same air volume and air pressure, and can be directly connected with the wind cylinder, installed horizontally or vertically, with convenient operation and use.
2. Low noise. The shell of the fan is specially designed to reduce the outflow noise to a large extent. Under the working condition of unit air volume and unit wind pressure, the sound level can be reduced by 2-3dB(A) compared with that of A. Meanwhile, under the condition of lower speed, higher fan pressure can be obtained. In industrial and mining enterprises and senior civil buildings in the air supply and exhaust system can replace the low pressure centrifugal fan or replace the high pressure axial fan without a large number of muffling measures.
3. Wide range of application. This series of products are divided into single-speed and two-speed models, according to different occasions, change the installation angle of the fan, change the number of blades and change the speed to achieve its use requirements.

Sichuan Ziyuan Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is one of the production enterprises specializing in the production of civil fans (including fans, mufflers, air vents, and ventilation pipes). It has a fan production line, a damper production line and a ventilation pipe production line. After-sales service implements a 24-hour quick response mechanism, providing customers with comprehensive services from commissioning and installation, technical guidance and other aspects The development strategy of "China Construction Civil Fan Giant" has been established, and a business system with construction civil fan and core business as well as related fluid machinery as auxiliary industries has been established. A national brand, striving to enter the top ten ventilation.


Gao Yanqun



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