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SW China's Chengdu to host event on international supply chain innovation

2020-11-26 HAIXUNPRESS

-HAIXUNPRESS-Southwest China's Chengdu is to hold an event on innovation of international supply chain on November 30, inviting experts and executives to discuss new trends in the sector, and unleashing related opportunities as the city builds a modern logistics industry ecosystem. The event is carried out by National Business Daily.


File photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

As a part of the 2020 Chengdu New Economy Double Thousand Project which last through December, the event will unveil new scenes and products in the supply chain sector. Three major new scenes include the international supply chain services in Qingbaijiang District, which is the terminal of the China-Europe railway express, and in Jianyang, where Chengdu's second international airport is located, as well as the supply chain service for modern agriculture in Pengzhou.

Besides, four new products will be unveiled at the event via interactive roadshows. They include the international aviation supply chain services, comprehensive service platform for international supply chain, bond and custom clearance services for international medical devices, and logistics service platform.

Top scholars and experts from home and abroad will bring their insights to the discussion. Cai Jin, vice chairman of China Society of Logistics, Ma Jian, secretary general of the Institute of Airport Economics, and Jian Ming, associate dean of School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, will attend the event to discuss new trends and opportunities in international supply chain.

Dr. Thorsten Jelinek, Director of Taihe Institute, Europe Center and former Associate Director of the World Economic Forum, as well as Wang Yurong, deputy director of Institute for Contemporary China Studies, Tsinghua University, will share their ideas via videos.

Moreover, top supply chain enterprises in Chengdu including Cosco Shipping, Alibaba's Fresh Hema, and the supply chain service company of Tianfu International Biot-Town will share their business stories via creative videos, speech, and live streaming.

As a result of economic globalization, international supply chain has become a key sector for cities and regions to reconstruct competitive edges. Chengdu was among the first batch of China's pilot cities for supply chain innovation and application, and its experience has become one of the national exemplars.

The event is organized by Chengdu Municipal Port and Logistics Office, Chengdu New Economy Development Commission, government of the Qingbaijiang District.

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