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The shower room is divided into one-line, arc-shaped push-pull, diamond-shaped, square, and special ones are barrier-free folding and inward opening or one-line linkage, etc.
The first point is that when it comes to the shower room, glass is definitely the most important thing. You can choose tempered glass with a thickness of 6 mm or 8 mm. You don’t need to pursue the thickness too much. Again, you must stick an explosion-proof film.
The second point, we must pay attention to the quality of other hardware, focusing on the smoothness and stability of the bearing. The pulley should be made of stainless steel, and the rubber strip should also be soft and transparent.
The third point is that it is recommended that the water retaining strips of the shower room should be pre-buried, which is more durable and can avoid the problem of mildew and even water leakage caused by the glued water retaining strips installed after the installation. However, when pre-buying, The gap between the ground and the stone-based water retaining strip must be compacted to prevent water from infiltrating the sand-ash layer, causing the wall to return to moisture and alkali.
The fourth point, glue, use mildew-proof glass glue or MS glue between the frame and the wall.

The selling point of shower room
(1): Reliable sealing----The airbag seal, suction cup seal, three-pole strong magnetic seal and other sealing structures are used in different parts of the room to ensure that the shower room can completely separate dry and wet.
a: Airbag sealing, suction cup sealing----the most novel sealing structure. It is used to seal the lower guide rail and against the wall without using glass glue.
b: Three-pole strong magnetic seal----Three-pole (N-S-N) strong magnetic seal is adopted at the closing of the movable door, which has a large suction force and will not weaken the magnetic force. While many other brands mostly use two-pole (N-S) magnetic strip sealing, the magnetic force will gradually decrease with time, and the sealing effect will gradually deteriorate.
(2): Safe, explosion-proof, durable---high material strength, advanced tempered glass technology (windshield technology for Mercedes-Benz cars), long service life.
a: The aluminum is made of space aluminum, with a thickness of 1.5-3.0mm, with high strength and no deformation; the glass is made of automotive-grade float glass, with high hardness, which can withstand 500 kg of impact force, high temperature resistance above 200 °C, and low temperature resistance Below -40℃. The sealing material uses composite material, which does not change color, odor, and brittleness, and is durable.
b: Explosion-proof: The tempered glass adopts the Mercedes-Benz windshield technology, and the tempered glass is produced in the factory with a dust-free and automated production line, which is the only one in the industry. The factory's glass 3C certificate (E002453) can be checked, so that the quality of tempered glass can be effectively guaranteed. And other brands of tempered glass are not produced by themselves (you can check the glass 3C certificate on the shower room).
Query path—①Enter the website of "China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd."---②Click "CCC Certificate Search"---③Enter the 3C certificate number to be searched in the "Keywords" dialog box, and click "CCC Certificate Search". Click "Factory Number" in the dialog box of "Search Conditions", and click "Valid" in the dialog box of "Classification". Through this method of querying the CCC certificate, the manufacturer of tempered glass can be queried.
c: Long service life----The pulley is made of SUS304 stainless steel (other brands are generally SUS201),
The outer layer is made of wear-resistant nylon, and the rotating shaft of the glass clip is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with a service life of more than 30,000 times, which is 3 times that of the industry standard;
The aluminum material is 6463 space aluminum with high hardness and high brightness;
The corrosion-resistant oxide coating on the aluminum surface is 6um (other brands are generally 1-3um).
(3): Easy to install.
 The installation of a body can be completed in half an hour;

Guizhou Hengsheng Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Shiqian Industrial Park, Dalong Economic Development Zone, Guizhou Province. Bordering with Huaihua, Hunan, the traffic is very convenient. Founded in 2013, the company has a total investment of more than 50 million yuan, covers an area of ​​more than 30 acres, and has a production workshop and office building with a construction area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters. Medium-sized modern enterprise. The company has a group of outstanding technical backbones and high-quality management personnel, and has a mature and complete scientific quality management system. In response to market demand, we produce a series of glass products such as tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, coated glass, LOW-E glass, frosted glass, and craft glass. Raw materials are purchased from large-scale glass factories in Xingyi, Guizhou and Wuhan, Hubei. With the advantages of high quality, fast delivery and reasonable price of various products, the products are sold well in Guizhou, Hunan and other regions.
The company has advanced equipment and exquisite technology. It has introduced the most advanced automatic flow operation mode at home and abroad, and implemented refined, data-based, scientific and standardized management. As a result, the quality of various products is stable and conforms to national standards. And passed the verification of relevant state departments, and won a number of authoritative certifications such as "China Energy Conservation Product Certification" and "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification". The company strictly implements the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, so that qualified products are widely used in modern construction, decoration, furniture and other industries.
The company is an excellent enterprise with innovative spirit and courage to explore and practice. In order to expand the industrial chain and combine the company's advantages, it has successively invested more than 20 million yuan from 2017 to 2020, and introduced fully automated CNC production facilities from Italy and Germany. Developed and created "Joris" professional shower room products.
The company inherits the design style of combining Chinese culture and modern fashion in the R&D and manufacturing of shower rooms. The simple, noble, practical and luxurious bath series products create a comfortable and relaxed bathing living space for every consumer.
The company always adheres to the corporate values ​​of patriotism, integrity, responsibility, tolerance and gratitude, and is committed to customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. We believe that the power of fashion comes from continuous creativity, we will go hand in hand with you to create success and win the future and a further future. …


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