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Road Tunnel Secondary Lining Trolley


The secondary lining trolley of highway tunnel is a special equipment that must be used in the secondary lining of the tunnel construction process, and is used for the concrete lining construction of the tunnel inner wall. Concrete lining trolley is an indispensable non-standard product for secondary lining during tunnel construction, mainly including simple lining trolley, fully hydraulic automatic walking lining trolley and grid type lining trolley. The full hydraulic lining trolley can also be divided into side crown arch type, full circle needle beam type, bottom mold needle beam type, full circle walk through type, etc. Lifting slip form, jacking slip form and turnover form are also commonly used in hydraulic tunnel and bridge construction.

The lining trolley has the advantages of low cost, reliable structure, convenient operation, fast lining speed
The molding surface has the advantages of smooth appearance quality, linear beauty, etc.
Key points for operation:
The secondary lining adopts full section steel formwork concrete lining tunnel trolley (trolley for short), which is driven by motor
The traveling mechanism drives the trolley to travel, and the length of the trolley lining at the tunnel exit in a cycle is 9m.
The trolley consists of mechanical system, hydraulic system, electrical system and components (template assembly, bracket assembly
Moving mechanism, gantry assembly, master slave traveling mechanism, lateral hydraulic cylinder, lateral support jack, bracket support Kilo, gantry support kilo).

General requirements for tunnel lining trolley:
(1) The external dimension of formwork shall meet the requirements of tunnel section. The shape error requirements are as follows: ≤ 3m, no more than 10mm; R>3m, no more than 20mm (R refers to the maximum section radius at the tunnel section).
(2) It must be ensured that the formwork center coincides with the tunnel centerline. Therefore, the formwork can move left and right (that is, horizontally) under the condition that the main platform of the trolley does not shift laterally movement), generally the horizontal movement distance shall not exceed ± 150mm of the centerline.
(3) The action of formwork shall be able to effectively complete formwork erection, formwork removal, locking and positioning. Formwork trolley designed in recent years and its formwork erection and demoulding.It is driven by hydraulic pressure and locked by mechanical device. The overall formwork shall be provided with operation windows and grouting holes to meet the construction requirements. Length of overall formwork.
The axis distance of gantry traveling wheel is related to the turning radius of tunnel and the construction organization of other supporting machinery. Generally, the length of formwork is 6m~12m.
The distance is less than about 1m of the whole formwork length.  
(4) Each part of the trolley shall be designed to meet the transportation conditions. The clearance in the main bench of the trolley shall be able to meet the passing of other construction machinery.
(5) According to user requirements, the trolley can be self-propelled or non self-propelled. Regardless of the type, the strip that can meet the requirements of other mechanical towing shall be considered
At the same time, the passing capacity of the trolley when crossing the turnout shall also be considered.

Design of tunnel lining trolley:
The design of commonly used tunnel lining trolley formwork system needs to know the formwork outline, formwork lining length, operation window and grouting mouth.
The layout, positioning, overlapping length, etc. shall take into account the blocking, parting and demoulding clearance of the formwork.
Determination of the position and type of operation window and grouting hole: the grouting hole of operation window shall be arranged according to the requirements (the height from the bottom row of operation windows to the side foundation shall not be greater than 1500mm), the grouting mouth is generally of the flat cambered surface after closing.

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