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On the financial track, how does GBi innovate

2020-12-31 Defi speaker

On the evening of December 30,Feifei, head of The Chinese community of Globe Financial Bi (hereinafter referred to as GBi), shared the theme of "On the financial track, how does GBi innovate" on Anypay, the marketing planning service incubated by The Blockchain project in China, and comprehensively introduced the ecology, application and vision of the GBi project.


GBi, the full name of Globe Financial, Bi, is a strategic investment by the Singapore Financial ecological foundation platform for the global one-stop Financial ecology, aims to block chain technology, artificial intelligence, such as large data of blessings, make everyone can participate in, open and transparent, secure and reliable global Financial ecology, reduce Financial entry barriers, promote the leap-forward development of Financial globalization.


Born in the era of rapid development of fintech, enhanced trend of economic globalization, prosperity and development of digital economy, high-tech innovation and rapid development of sharing economy, GBi follows closely the development trend and will contribute to the process of financial globalization through its own advantages. The birth of GBi is caused by the trend of social and economic development.


The core value of GBi is to provide global users with an international financial ecological platform integrating circulation, payment, consumption and value. In the GBi financial ecological empire, GBi hopes to form a benign ecological circle in which everyone is the hero and everyone can benefit.


The original intention of THE GBi project is to solve the blockchain exchange problem and build a more stable and reliable blockchain trading market. The goal of GBi is to create a settlement ecological exchange that trades and trades with GB anchored on the appreciation of RMB, enabling enterprises in the current blockchain application era in the next decade, making contributions to the new ecological standard environment of digital currency, and paving the way for the transformation of domestic enterprises' digital chain to go global.


Fifi, head of GBi China Community, introduced that the core advantage of GBi is to build a global financial ecological platform, which adopts the most advanced technology in system architecture, data storage, application system and encryption security, to provide users with safe and reliable services, and to create a convenient financial world for global users.


The digital currency system constructed by GBi perfectly solves the dilemma of international monetary development, makes a contribution to the new ecological and normative environment of digital currency, and lays a foundation for the transformation of domestic enterprises' digital chain to go global. GB will be equivalence renminbi virtual currency, each offering a GB tokens, at a specified location will have the same value of the yuan to protect assets, as a result, GB and the value of the yuan are equally achieved, and in the virtual currency as a bridge, the world's largest community regulation, to ensure security, achieve more and more people by GB virtual currency investment transactions, achieving global circulation, for economic exchanges between countries and clear currency provides a new solution, to boost the country's drainage and outflows of funds, promote the development of the whole national economy.


The GBi network is open, and global users can participate in the GBi network, and each person can become a separate node to update and maintain the data ledger. GBi ecological Community is responsible for global community construction. All community members shoulder the responsibility of GBi and share the ecological dividend of GBi, so as to form a virtuous circle of community ecology.


At present, GBi has millions of community members in China, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries. GBi Global Alliance community is divided into creation node and community node according to network node. The governance mechanism includes the general meeting of shareholders, the autonomous committee and the executive Committee, among which the executive Committee has the operation Department, development Department, management department, administration department and legal Department, etc. Each department performs its own duties, maintains the community atmosphere, and practices the community purpose. The GBi Community Node is currently being recruited, and 33 creation node places and 66 community node places are being released globally.


On December 20, GBi, after more than a year of planning, went online and officially began to write a new financial ecology for the future. Future financial development must make international financial communication more convenient, safer, with the currency as the core digital currency system brings new opportunity to the development of future financial, GBi in international financial ecology, the introduction of digital currency for international payments to provide a more convenient way, for more in-depth international exchanges, will boost financial qualitative leap.


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