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Office Furniture-executive Desk


The executive desk is of very good quality and high stability, does not require special maintenance and upkeep in the actual operation process, and can meet the boss's office needs in terms of specifications and size. The cost performance is still relatively high. Due to the large size of the large desk, the overall design effect has more innovative elements than ordinary desks, which will reach a better standard in terms of aesthetics and present a more high-end atmospheric visual effect. Due to its own reasons and people's pursuit of office life quality, the office desk is suitable for managers, general managers and other companies with large office space, as well as senior management of other organizations.

Executive desk is mainly used by senior officials or executives for office desks, as they are executive desks for senior officials or executives of enterprises and institutions, the design of the desk is towards the specification of large, and very grand direction, in the office furniture industry are called large desk. Our products are double sub-cabinets, with stronger load-bearing, more space and more solid materials. It is made of E1 grade environmental protection plates, selected melamine plates, highly resistant to wear and tear, waterproof and anti-scratch. Sub-cabinet can be interchangeable left and right, 50mm thicker desktop, desktop width 80cm. The space layout is obvious and can accommodate computer hosts, data files or other personal items.

Sichuan Hechuang Shangpin Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a large enterprise integrating office furniture design, development, production and sales. It is a professional manufacturer of middle and high-grade office furniture. The main products are executive office desk series, conference table series, workbench series, chair series, etc. Our products are directly sold to all major government departments and units in China, and we are the leading enterprise in the same industry in Sichuan Province. Our company is based on the business philosophy - phv's "quality as the center", the purpose is complete customer satisfaction. And through the quality management of the head office, we constantly train all the staff to improve the quality and make our customers trust our products and be satisfied with our services as the ultimate goal. As the creator of fashionable office furniture and the advocate of the concept of green ecological environmental protection, we take it as our responsibility to continuously create a natural and harmonious office environment and lead the fashion trend of the office furniture industry.


Quan Xiaojun



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