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Nongfu Spring Tea π Cup Fruit Tea Drink is Coming with New Look and Flavors, Bringing a Full Sense of Freshness


Tea drink, as a big category in the beverage industry, is widely accepted by an increasing number of people. As the distinguished representative of tea drink with a young energetic image, fruit tea drink is hugely popular among many young people. As one of the core tea drinks of Nongfu Spring, Tea π gained a lot of headlines with labels such as "produced by Nongfu Spring", "peculiar product name" and "unique packaging design" as soon as it was released, and firmly held the number three spot in the fruit tea drink industry.

In August 2020, a new Cup Fruit Tea Drink series were launched by Tea π, bringing new options to consumers both in packaging design and flavor. Tea π Cup Fruit Tea Drink series continue the consistent position of the fruit tea drink with three flavors, namely Lemon Rock Tea, Mango Jasmine Tea and Passion Fruit Oolong Tea. The Lemon Rock Tea flavor chooses Wuyi Rock Tea in Fujian province as the tea base and focuses on increasing the tea content, with the tea polyphenols content up to 500 mg/kg. The tea taste of Lemon Rock Tea flavor is full and rich, collocating with fresh lemon juice to give people a refreshing and slightly sour taste; Mango Jasmine Tea and Passion Fruit Oolong Tea are added with selective NFC mango juice and NFC passion fruit juice, respectively. Cup Fruit Tea Drink uses real materials without any preservatives to fully satisfy taste buds.

It’s reported that the packaging of the new Tea π Cup Fruit Tea Drink series was designed by a French design studio. The design continues the caricature theme of Tea π with a highly identifiable design style. The packaging is quite eye-catching as the composition is abstract but still has realistic elements, and its bold design retains fresh color blocks.

The iterated packing design of Tea π indicates that the positioning of Tea π in Nongfu Spring brand line is being fashion and young. From the label design to the container selection, Tea π is working hard to make corresponding changes to the aesthetics and needs of young people. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Tea π is still active on today’s market and well-received by young people.

Nongfu Spring Tea π never swerves from its " music idol " strategy since its introduction. Over the last four years, Tea π has invited celebrities including BigBang, Kris Wu, and Lai Guanglin to speak for the product and passed the music genes. This year, G-Dragon, the ex-product spokesperson of Tea π, came back again and brought a unique story to consumers. Each singer has his unique music style with personal preference for melodies. Art, no matter it is in the form of music, painting or fashion, is not isolated, just like G-Dragon, who is committed to explore art. They all keep updating the definition of fashion.

Setting no limit endows Nongfu Spring with boundless inspirations and an exclusive personal style. Constantly innovating, making changes and bringing inexhaustible novelty to consumers represent the most central brand spirit of Nongfu Spring Tea π.

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