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Nongfu Spring Tan Bing Coffee Opens up a New Market of Ready-to-drink Coffee


Recent years has witnessed a growing demand for ready-to-drink coffee. As the coffee market keeps expanding, many brands turn the spotlight on this promising market. Since 2018, China's coffee market has been extremely active, reaching 100 billion, and enjoys broad potential for further development. Data show that China's current per capita annual consumption of coffee is less than 10 cups, while in Europe and America it is 300 cups. By 2019, China's coffee market scale had exceeded 110 billion yuan, and it is expected to top 1 trillion yuan by 2025. Seeing the business opportunity, Nongfu Spring marched on the coffee market in earlier times, and with a craftsman spirit, it developed a ready-to-drink coffee product that was well tailored to popular tastes.

In October 2019, Nongfu Spring launched a new series of RTD coffee of three flavors. With an aim to cater to popular taste with niche coffee, this coffee product selects high-quality specialty coffee beans as raw materials and adopts a low sugar/zero sugar formula free from essence and preservatives. It highlights the original flavor of coffee and better meets the public demand of reducing sugar intake and keeping health. Two drinks of this series are latte flavor that is most favourable in China. The combination of milk and coffee produces a rich and mellow taste, and at the same time, the low sugar/zero sugar formula highlights the original flavor of coffee. The  sugar free black coffee is composed of water and coffee only, which is more suitable for professional coffee lovers. It is also the main force that Tan Bing Coffee places much hope on.

In the world of specialty coffee, good coffee beans often inherit the so-called "regional flavor". Nongfu Spring Tan Bing Coffee is devoted to producing high-quality coffee with local characteristic flavor. With the help of Japanese bean seeker Arai kensuke, Nongfu Spring selected the high-grade Arabica coffee beans from Egmont Manor in Brazil and produced SOE (Single Origin) sugar free black coffee. Being low acid and mellow, this coffee product delivers a strong nutty taste and the so-called "Brazilian soft bean flavor". As for the other two latte flavors, Nongfu Spring also attaches great importance to the selection of ram materials: the sugar free latte is extracted from Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans, which delivers a classic taste of chocolate milk as well as the flowery and fruity aroma; the low sugar latte, which combines Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans, is well balanced by the smoky flavor of Guatemalan coffee beans. It retains the burnt flavor of coffee even if added with sugar. All the three coffee products are baked and extracted by Nongfu Spring. From raw beans to finished products, Nongfu Spring does it all itself and takes strict controls over the whole production process. It’s with the craftsman spirit that Nongfu Spring endows Tan Bing Coffee with the most captivating fragrance and delicious taste.

Nongfu Spring has made constant efforts in the coffee space. Apart from ready-to-drink coffee in aluminum cans, it also launched ready-to-drink coffee packaged in cup, fresh ground coffee machines and drip coffee. But Nongfu Spring never swerves from its commitment to selecting high-quality coffee beans to produce delicious coffee both in aroma and flavor. It is expected that the brand and product advantages will enable Nongfu Spring to overcome difficulties and occupy more market space in the coffee market.

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