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Nongfu Spring Focuses on Market Segmentation to Create a Unique Brand Matrix


People have an increasing awareness of the profound significance behind the "integration of brand growth and marketing effect" in the new era as this marketing concept serves as an important premise for the sustainable development of brands in the new retail environment. In addition, with the improvement of consumers' health awareness and cognition, as well as the overall technical level of the beverage industry, consumers’ concept has changed as well. According to researches, as for the attributes of brands and products, exquisite packaging and healthy concept exert a growing impact on consumers' purchase decisions. It is clear that Nongfu Spring is an expert in seizing the opportunity.

As an enterprise that is good at marketing, Nongfu Spring always has the ability to occupy consumer mentalities through appropriate brand advertisements at critical moments. In 1998, Nongfu Spring proposed the natural water marketing concept. In terms of publicity, it firstly brought forward the slogan "we do not produce water. We are porters of nature". Since then, the positioning of Nongfu Spring in consumers' mind gradually shifted to "natural water". Even now, when it comes to Nongfu Spring, consumers will naturally think of the brand characters such as "establishing factories and producing products adjacent to water sources". These feature labels help to distinguish Nongfu Spring from other drinking water brands. "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" and "We do not produce water. We are porters of nature" represent household names for today’s customers.

In 2015, Nongfu Spring launched the high-end glass bottled natural mineral water, and officially made its debut on the high-end water market. In the next four years, Nongfu Spring launched a series of limited-edition zodiac bottle during the Chinese Spring Festival, and adopted the "Free gifts" marketing strategy that gained more public praise and attention. With the crystal clear glass material, the bottle body design of narrow top and wide bottom, the well-designed patterns and the auspicious blessing, Nongfu Spring high-end glass bottled natural mineral water even became the official water for the BRICS Conference and G20 Summit.

Nongfu spring has laid out a variety of product categories apart from the natural drinking water. At the beginning of 2016, after the introduction of 17.5 ° Orange, Nongfu Spring doubled its efforts in the fruit juice industrial chain and 100% juice market, launching 17.5 ° Fresh Fruit Cold Pressed Orange Juice. The introduction of 17.5 ° Juice marked that Nongfu Spring officially entered the high-end NFC juice market, which gave impetus into the limited-scale NFC juice market at that time.

In April 2016, Nongfu Spring concentrated its efforts on the tea beverage and delicate beverage market, making the strategic product Tea π a new blockbuster. It invited BIGBANG to speak for the product and expanded the market share by bottle cap marketing activity. In August 2016, Nongfu Spring 100% NFC Juice made its debut on the market in a low-profile way. It formed a price segmentation with the Nongfu Spring 17.5 ° Juice launched in January and occupied the market by a double team strategy. In addition, Nongfu Spring has a variety of products in different Beverage categories, including "Farmer's Orchard", "Scream Energy Drink ", "Water Soluble C100", "Oriental Leaf", etc.

At present, the product offerings of Nongfu Spring include drinking water, fruit juice, functional drinks, ready-to-drink tea, coffee, plant protein drinks, etc. It chose to march into the coffee market as a result of the huge scale of the coffee market with strategic importance for beverage enterprises. Nongfu Spring makes constant efforts in market segments beyond drinking water and keeps developing new products of different categories. It is ready to create a product matrix covering the full range of categories. Going forward, there are still various challenges to meet so as to make further expansion.

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