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New Agriculture Product is Launched by Nongfu Spring, Huili Pomegranate Won People’s Hearts


Nongfu Spring remains a heat topic since it was officially listed on the market months ago. Apart from the natural water, natural mineral water and other kinds of drinks of Nongfu Spring, agriculture products also become hit products among consumers. Reputed as the top level of the drinking water industry in China, Nongfu Spring is now working hard to open up a new land in the modern agriculture field. It constantly brings surprises to consumers with its agriculture products from navel orange, apple and rice. While strengthening the field management and opening up the industry chain, Nongfu Spring has worked out 4 standard systems, 34 operating processes, 79 management contents and 148 monitoring details for fresh fruits, established the intelligent screening system for navel orange, and launched 17.5 ° Navel Orange that is hugely popular on the market.

Right after that, Nongfu Spring launched 17.5 ° Akesu Apple limited edition New Year gift box during the 2018 New Year's Shopping Festival. With the juicy, crisp, sweet and mild flavor, it was quickly sold out after its introduction. The high-quality fresh product is well-received by consumers and diversifies consumers’ options.

In addition to 17.5 ° Navel Orange and 17.5 ° Aksu Apple, Nongfu Spring also launched seasonal Huili Pomegranate. In September 2020, Nongfu Spring officially announced its pomegranate product, which stands for a further extension of Nongfu Spring agricultural modernization after the orange, apple and rice product. Nongfu Spring always attaches great importance to places of production and the pomegranate producing area will not be an exception. Huili, known as a land of pomegranate in China, is a perfect place to plant pomegranates for its soil, climate and light conditions, where the pomegranates enjoy a good reputation and word-of-mouth all over the country. Its pomegranate is big with a thin rind and bright color. Its grains are big and seeds are soft, with a sweet and juicy taste and rich in various vitamins and 28 kinds of amino acids. As a China's National Geographic Indication Product, Huili pomegranate is famous for its pearl-like transparent grains that are as sweet as honey. The biggest feature of Huili pomegranate is "big grain, small seed, no need to spit seeds", which can meet the dream of consumers to devour pomegranate.

In Nongfu Spring standard, the growth of pomegranates must follow the law of nature. The fruits will never been ripened or picked early. Picking and packing won’t start until the pomegranates are of the best quality. Nongfu Spring strictly carries out the standard for picking fresh pomegranates with the average sugar content of the fruits reached 14°. Nongfu Spring insisted on picking the naturally matured pomegranates on the tree and the selected fine fruits should be 300~450g. The immature pomegranates were stricted rejected. After a set of strict selection process, every pomegranate selected by Nongfu Spring meets the double requirements of good-looking appearance and delicious taste. Nongfu Spring Soft Seed Pomegranate has become a brand of origin for consumers to choose.

On the surface, Nongfu Spring selling pomegranates seems to be another bold crossover. Actually, influenced by its founder’s unique feeling of agricultural complex, working hard to achieve in-depth development in agriculture and keeping making extension in agricultural modernization, are the keys to the success of Nongfu Spring.  

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