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Melamine tape colored melamine tape, high temperature melamine tape, medium temperature melamine tape, normal temperature melamine tape


The paper is a kind of high-tech decoration, spray paper (because of its special properties, also known as color separation tape paper), the paper tape is made of paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main raw material, the paper is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side is coated with adhesive-resistant materials and made of rolls of adhesive tape. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, softness and no residual adhesive left after tearing. Commonly known as pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.
The tape is made of imported beige paper as the base material and coated with weather-resistant rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. With high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, peel again without residual adhesive and other excellent performance! The product meets ROHS environmental requirements. Widely used in decoration, painting, baking paint and other coating masking and semiconductor components fixed and other industries. Compound tape with strong peeling force, adhesion, excellent initial adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, non-fading, temperature resistance up to 80 degrees to 120 degrees, commonly used in PCB board spray tin plating protection, surface anti-oxidation treatment protection, easy to paste steel plate operations and high temperature powder coating. It is also suitable for the protection of high temperature baking paint spraying on the surface of automobile, iron or plastic devices and furniture, as well as for electronics, electrical appliances, varistors, circuit boards and other industries.

1. Normal temperature paper tape
Features: fast paste, easy to peel, easy to tear off by hand and easy to use.
Use: Suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronics industry, industry, footwear and other uses, with good coverage and protection. It plays a good role in the positioning and packaging of various kinds. It has good protection performance for the sticky objects.
2. Medium temperature paper tape
Features: fast paste, easy to peel, easy to tear off by hand and easy to use.
Use: Suitable for all kinds of decoration industry, electronics industry, industry, shoes and other uses, have good cover and protection. It plays a good role in the positioning and packaging of various kinds. Good protection performance for the sticky objects.
3. High temperature paper tape
Characteristics: It can resist certain temperature and peel off after high temperature without residual glue, etc.
Use: Suitable for spray painting, baking paint, painting masking or electronics industry, etc.
4. Color paper tape
Characteristics: Fast paste, easy to peel off, easy to tear off by hand and easy to use.
Uses: interior decoration paint spraying masking, fixed lightweight objects, lint removal, packaging, etc.
Available colors: red, blue, black, yellow, purple, orange light green, grass green, etc.
Our products use the base material of paper, the adhesive system is rubber, the color, thickness (um), initial adhesion, peeling force (N/25mm), holding force (>hrs), tensile strength (>N/cm), elongation (<%), adaptability to temperature are different for different products, details can be customized.

Chongqing Jiaheng Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established on 2014-12-08 . The company is located in No. 72, Hetong Road, Hebian Town, Bishan District, Chongqing, China. The company's business scope is to produce and sell: adhesive tape, glue, packing tape, bubble bags, PE bags, winding film, packaging materials, and engage in the import and export of goods and technology. It is a leading printing/packaging/paper service provider in Chongqing. Focusing on the electronics, communications, automotive and other product markets, we provide comprehensive industrial bonding, high temperature insulation, conductive shielding, thermal conductivity, sealing waterproof and dustproof, shock absorption and surface protection and other top high functional material applications and total solutions. We have also introduced a variety of supporting high-precision equipment, which, combined with the professional processing technology we possess, provides customers with safe quality assurance. Our products can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction, electric power, chemical industry, steel, aviation and other fields, and we can provide professional solutions wherever bonding, electrical insulation, high temperature resistant shielding, electromagnetic shielding and shock absorbing buffer are required. Our strong technical support can solve your worries in the long run, and improve the competitiveness and influence of your products! Jiaheng tape has production and processing companies in Shanghai, Changzhou, Tianjin, Wenzhou, Nantong, and the company has strong capital, welcome all businessmen to negotiate business.


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